Monday, June 29, 2015

High pH Drinking Water - An Inexpensive Way

What does high pH drinking water mean exactly?  

There is a pH scale and basically 7 on that scale is considered neutral.  At the same time 1 is considered very acidic and 13 or 14 would be considered very basic.   

There are theories in natural healing that drinking higher pH drinking water is good for your body.  That would mean 7 or above.  (but don't go too high)

Most tap water and bottled water (but not all) is acidic.  So, that irritates the natural health folks.  

We are talking theory here, keep that in mind.   The more natural oriented healers and doctors talk about making the body more alkaline because they believe that the basis for disease often has to do with what they consider an 'acidic' body. 

You will find scientist, doctors and other experts on both sides of the debate as to whether there is truth to this theory or not.  Never the less, many people are seeking alkaline water.  One of the easiest ways to get it is through an alkaline water pitcher.  Why?  Because it is simple, convenient and
relatively inexpensive. 

What does Inexpensive Mean?  

I previously wrote a post on inexpensive alkaline water that you can check out. at your leisure.  Basically, (no pun intended) there are these big, bulky expensive machines that cost thousands of dollars to purchase.   But with the alkaline water pitchers like the one mentioned above, and the portables, you bring your cost way down.   So far down, in fact that it is possible for the average person to have quality alkaline water at their fingertips.  

The Mouth

While what we talked about above is in the realm of theory more or less, the affect that alkalinity and acid have your teeth and gums are not.   It's clear that acid is bad for your teeth and gums and alkaline is better.   


You don't want to go too high on your pH either.  Just getting to 7 or above is good enough.   Of course,  some might disagree.  Whatever your thoughts, you can share them below in the comments section. 


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