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Can I Stop Bad Breath?

Question:  Can I Stop Bad Breath? 


You'll have a much better chance with the RIGHT products and the RIGHT information. 

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The Right Products for Stopping Bad Breath

Most of the products on the market today are lacking two important factors when it comes to stopping bad breath.    

This is because their focus is not on stopping or reducing the actual cause of bad breath.  Instead, the focus is on covering a smell.   

When this approach is taken the results are not always great and they certainly don't last long.   

The right products will have a focus on pH balance and oxygenation.   If they don't have those factors, it's just not going to be as effective  

The reason why comes down to simple facts about microbiology.   The 'bad' bacteria that cause bad breath are mostly anaerobic in nature.   

That just means they don't like oxygen.   When you give them too much oxygen, they tend to either die or revert to a form of metabolism that is not 'harmful' (some bacteria can do this).   

So oxygen is a key to reducing the problem from its root.    

pH balance.  The same 'bad bacteria don't like higher pH.   

The bacteria that are oxygen hating also love acid.  In fact, their waste products are acidic in nature.  But when you give them a more basic environment, they don't do as well. 

Give them more acid and they reproduce more rapidly.    

This is simple bacteriology and you can find it in any text book.   

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