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HydroFloss - Should I Believe Amazon Reviews About The HydroFloss?

Should I Believe Amazon Reviews About The HydroFloss?  

Most people are clueless about what the HydroFloss does.   

It is the best oral irrigator on the market as demonstrated by two peer reviewed clinical studies published in The Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  

In both of these studies the HydroFloss was shown to outperform, with statistical significance,  irrigators without it's hydromagnetic technology.   

In short, there was a much greater reduction in plaque and tartar buildup between regular dental cleanings. 

This can translate into healthier teeth and gums.

Without the extra buildup, perhaps your body can do its natural job better.  

Where Do Amazon Product Reviews Come From?  

You may have heard or read in the news that Amazon itself has doubts about the authenticity of the reviews published on its site. 

There are a number of problems.   One is fake reviews.  

Fake reviews can happen for a number of reasons. 

Sometimes a competitor will hire people to create fake reviews to trash another product so they can get more sales for themselves. 

How hard would it be to do this on a continual basis,  making your competitors product less attractive?   

At the same time, dishonest companies may hire people to right fake positive reviews about their own product.   

Amazon is unable to completely control this problem. 

They can sometimes find the more obvious offenders but when this happens on a more stealthy basis, their algorithms are unable to accurately find and eliminate fake reviews.  

Water Pressure

One of the common complaints you see is about water pressure.   The HydroFloss goes up to 60 PSI which is plenty of pressure while ensuring there is no problem or harm for the gum tissue.

 In contrast some competitors go up to 90 PSI which might possibly be a problem for periodontal tissue. 

Pressure is not the defining quality of an irrigator anyway. 

This is the same mistake that people make with brushing their teeth.

They think they have to 'scrub' their teeth and therefore brush to hard.   This can erode both enamel and cause gum tissue to recede.  

Pressure is not the right answer.  The reason the HydroFloss is effective is because the magnet inside it causes a charge on the minerals in the water.

This causes the plaque and bacteria to become less 'adhesive' and come off easier.   

This gives your body a chance to do its natural job and sometimes periodontal pockets even shrink back to normal levels.

Periodontal pockets are the objective way to measure whether you have gum health issues or not.

 3mm or less is generally considered healthy while numbers greater than three are generally not considered healthy.   IE:  Gingivitis, gum disease.  

Pressure is not the way to measure the effectiveness of an irrigator.  The people that write these things, IF they are legitimate reviews in the first place,  do not understand true concepts.  

The Hose 

There is at least one reviewer who claims you have to put duct tape on the hose. 

While there can occasionally be a problem with the hose, it is not nearly as frequent as such a scary review, IF legitimate, scares people into thinking.  

I have a 4 year old hydrofloss with no tape on the hose and it is working just fine with no hose problems.   

HydroFloss Warranties

Be wary of paying extra for warranties.   The HydroFloss comes with a 1 year warranty automatically.   

Even if you had to replace your HydroFloss yearly, which should NOT be the case, the cost of ownership is something close to $8 a month.    

If you get two or three years, you are down to $4 or even $2 a month.   If you go longer, which many people do, then you are even further ahead.  

Due to the above, I would suggest to you that paying extra for warranties is not necessarily in your best interest. 

The HydroFloss is well worth the $98.  You are making an investment in your dental health that probably costs less than a single typical  visit to your dentist's office.  

Should You Believe Amazon Reviews about The HydroFloss?

Maybe not so much.    Does that mean there will never be a problem?

No, it doesn't mean that. 

How many times have you taken a car in for auto repairs?   

Nothing manufactured by man on this planet is going to last forever and never need replacing. 

It's a good idea to look at things with common sense and a little rational thinking.  

Grandma had that common sense and has tried to pass it on. 

Hopefully, you are smarter than the people who believe Amazon reviews as if they were irrefutable Truth.  They are not.  

You can read more about the HydroFloss here: 


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