Saturday, August 24, 2019

What Should I Use In My HydroFloss?

What Should I Use In My Hydro Floss?  
I get asked this question fairly frequently.   The honest truth is that you can just use tap water if you are using your HydroFloss correctly.  

But some folks still want that extra "oomph".    

What would that be?  

Aktiv Oxigen is a powerful oxygen additive for your HydroFloss.  (You can also make a stand alone mouthwash with it)

Why would oxygen be important to you?   

Oxygen is the bane of the anaerobic (oxygen hating) bacteria which are almost all of the ones that contribute to gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.  

In the microscopic world, oxygen often has one of two effects. 

1. It kills the bacteria that cannot stand the presence of oxygen.  

2.  Some bacteria can convert to oxygen metabolism,  the effect is still there because when they switch to functioning in an oxygenated environment, they switch off their acid secreting byproducts that cause the problems mentioned above. 

Just 8 drops for the HydroFloss reservoir.   This might give you the extra "oomph" you are looking for.  

But again, you really don't need it unless you feel you want that extra boost.   

So, it isn't necessary for everyone.   I Just want to be honest about that. 

You can find some here:  

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