Thursday, May 14, 2020

What is the diameter and length of the jet tip portion which is inserted in the handle? Pocket Pal Jet Tips

That question about diameter and length is an interesting one. 

My recommendation on that is to only use genuine hydrofloss parts to place into your hydro floss handle.

Making your own parts for whatever reason or trying to fit an item that was not designed for the HydroFloss into the HydroFloss is also not recommended.

You can buy a package of pocket pal jet tips for less than $20.

Why not start there.  If you are trying to manufacture your own part, which again is not recommended, wouldn't it be best to have one in your hand?   But again, trying to reverse engineer things for your own purposes is not recommended.

The pocket pal jet tips are recommended for those who have 5-6 mm (millimeter) periodontal pockets.  This is a measurement that your hygienist or dentist can take.   Periodontal pockets are not the same as gum recession, they are two separate items. 

Again, the pocket pal jet tips are for those with 5 to 6 mm periodontal pockets.  Periodontal pockets are measured by inserting a probe that measures the attachment of the gum to the tooth.  When that gap is larger, it means that the 'bad' bacteria can accumulate to levels that are larger enough to begin to destroy gum tissue.    This is, of course, know as gum disease.  This is a problem that experts tell us about 75% of people have - whether they are aware of it or not. 

What are normal periodontal pocket depths?

Normal periodontal pocket depths are pockets that are 3 mm or less in depth.  This should be true for the tissue sorrounding each tooth in your mouth.   There is some debate that towards the back, at the molars, it might be ok to have 4mm.   But everywhere else should be 3 or less and no more than three millimeters in periodontal pocket depth.  

The HydroFloss has helped many people to reduce their periodontal pockets.  This includes me personally.   I was facing a number of 4, 5 and even one 6 mm periodontal pocket reading.  This is essentially the objective measurement of gum disease. 

I would recommend reading more about the HydroFloss  and  the pocket pal jet tips.  

The HydroFloss helped me to shrink those pockets down to normal levels and it is helped me to maintain those depths at normal levels for some 15 years.  Sometimes, I see a 4 pop up here or there and that is a sign to me that I have slacked off on my hydrofloss use.  When I become diligent again, those pockets go back to normal readings at the next dental office visit. 

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