Sunday, October 25, 2020

Tips Shooting Off HydroFloss

 Tips Shooting Of A New (or old) HydroFloss

The problem is most likely that you are not attaching the tip(s) properly.  They should snap into place.  

I have personally examined hydrofloss units returned for the reason of 'tips shooting off' .  In nearly EVERY case, the tips worked fine and DID NOT come off under the highest pressure setting.   

I even had one person return two in a row.  BOTH units worked fine.   This person was confused and mistaken, don't let this be you.  

I can only conclude that some people are unable to attach the tips properly.   There should be a gentle snap when the tip is attached properly.  

I'm very tired of hearing of this complaint.   People have returned perfectly fine and functioning units for no good reason except perhaps one  - user error. 

If you cannot get the tips to attach properly.  Call the number on your blue warranty card that comes with every new HydroFloss.  They can help you figure it out.  

But do not assume that the problem is legitimate because in nearly EVERY case I have examined the problem does not exist.   This results in the waste of perfectly good hydrofloss units.    That is not good for you,  not good for us and not good for the environment.  

So, before you get angry about tips shooting off, please make sure you are putting them on correctly,. Experience has shown that 9.9 times out of 10,  the problem rests with the user and not the hydrofloss.  

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