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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Therabreath Coupons For August 2015

These therabreath coupons codes are known to be good at the time this was written.


a-fg10  - 10% off orders over $100 plus free mouthwash, toothpaste and tongue scraper (basics kit)

b-fg5  -  $5 off on any order over $60

a-per10    free shipping and one free tube of periotherapy toothpaste.

*these coupons are good for the therabreath website, not for ToothyGrinsStore.

If you want coupons for , please visit this page.

Here is a video on how to use therabreath coupons.

find more therabreath coupons here: 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dennis Prager gave the web site address to print $10.00 coupon.

A website reader told me:   Dennis Prager gave the web site address to print $10.00 coupon. 

There are better than 10% off coupons here:  

I explained to her that I don't know anything about Dennis Prager's coupon.  But I do know that you can find great therabreath coupons here: 

I hope that helps you.   You can also check to see if there is a big sale in process by clicking on this link:

Dr, Katz has been quite helpful to a number of people around the world.  

I hope this helps you find a coupon.  Maybe it will be one that will provide more value than $10 off.  


David Snape

Friday, March 14, 2014

Therabreath Is On Sale Every Day

Tired of waiting for the next Big Therabreath Sale? Check This Out: 

 Click Here For The Money Saving Bonus Paks 
and Combine With a-fg10 at checkout!   

Therabreath is on sale every day if you know this...


Friday, November 22, 2013

PerioTherapy Mouthwash - MTWS-PER-287

MTWS-PER-287PerioTherapy Mouthwash is a choice for those experiencing periodontal (gum health) problems.  Perhaps you have been told that you have deep periodontal pockets during your regular checkups.  (see coupons below)

Maybe, you notice that your gums bleed while brushing and flossing?   The most likely cause of that is gum disease, but you should definitely visit your dentist to rule out other things.

Periotherapy Mouthwash is soothing, pH balanced and oxygenated.  The pH balance and oxygenation help to stop / retard the growth of bacterial populations.   Bacteria don't like a higher (closer to neutral or basic) pH.

On the other hand, they LOVE and acidic environment.  With today's modern diet, you can imagine how the bacteria are quite happy and find some very comfortable (for them) places to live.

Coupons for This Mouthwash

For a single bottle, use coupon a-per10.  That will give you free shipping and a free tube of perio therapy toothpaste ($14 extra value).   That's a good deal!   Currently, there is no tax unless you live in California.  (this is subject to change).   So take advantage now, while you still can.

If you order eight or more bottles, then use coupon a-fg10.  That will give you a free bottle of regular mouthwash,  a free tube of regular therabreath toothpaste, a free tongue scraper  PLUS an additional 10% off!  That's coupon a-fg10.   This is also a great, money saving deal over the single bottle price of $14 per bottle!    With 10% off, the more bottles you get at one time, the greater the savings. 

This is a good mouthwash and is worth checking out. 




Friday, November 15, 2013

Therabreath Plus Mouthwash MTWS-TBPL-16 Plus mouthwash is the most powerful formula that therabreath has for helping to get rid of bad breath.

It's powerful because it is concentrated.  It is also powerful because it is oxygenated.   Oxygenation has the ability to kill or slow the 'bad' bacteria.  

pH balance is another powerful feature of this mouthwash that very, very few mouthwash formulas on the market have.  Most do not. 

pH balance is very powerful too.  The 'bad' bacteria don't like a higher pH.  They want and need a lower (acidic) pH.  When they don't have that environment, they slow down and reproduce less rapidly.

Therefore, you are truly attacking the root cause of the problem and you are NOT JUST covering odor.  Covering odors is what most mouthwash does.   That's a temp fix and doesn't address the root cause.

Therefore, you want something like Therabreath Plus Mouthwash

Give it a try.  Tell them I sent you there.

Coupon:   You can use coupon a-per10 for this mouthwash at the above link.  It will give you free shipping and free toothpaste on a single bottle of mouthwash!

However,  You can also bulk up.  Get 10 bottles or more and you can use coupon a-fg10 .   a-fg10 - gives you 10% off and free mouthwash and free toothpaste and a free tongue scraper and free shipping!    This is for orders of $100 or more.

If you aren't ordering in bulk.  simply use coupon a-per10.   a-per10 will give you free shipping plus free toothpaste.   It's a great coupon for smaller orders.

Checkout  Therabreath Plus Mouthwash Now 

Therabreath Plus oral rinse  MTWS-TBPL-16


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Therabreath Icy Mint Mouthwash MTWS-TBR-473
You can save on a single bottle of Therabreath Icy Mint Mouthwash, item code: MTWS-TBR-473   by using coupon a-per10 here.  This coupon will give you free shipping and free periotherapy toothpaste.  ($14) value.

However, you can save 10%, get free mouthwash, free toothpaste, free shipping and a free tongue scraper when you purchase 10 bottles of icy mint using coupon code a-fg10.  This is a big help for those who want to stock up.   More coupons

Check out Icy Mint Mouthwash Now


therabreath icy mint mouthwash  MTWS-TBR-473


Therabreath Bonus Pak C Extra Strength MSBP-TBPL-41

This is the Therabreath Bonus Pak C EXTRA STRENGTH Formula.     MSBP-TBPL-41.

You can check it out here.  

I suggest using Coupon Code a-fg10 at checkout to score additional savings in addition to what the money saving bonus pak offers.  

A-fg10 gives you an additional 10% off plus free mouthwash, free shipping and free toothpaste.

It's good for orders over $100 which makes it perfect for this Therabreath Extra Strength Bonus Pak.

Discover More About This Formula Now  use coupon a-fg10

Thera breath Bonus Pak C Extra Strength  MSBP-TBPL-41


Therabreath Complete Starter Kit STKT-TBR-104
This is the Therabreath Complete Starter Kit  

Stock Number:  STKT-TBR-104

I recommend using either coupon b-fg5 for $5 off and free shiping OR coupon a-per10 for free shipping, plus  a free tube of perio therapy toothpaste.

This starter kit is more advanced that the basic one and allows you to get starter with powerful products to help mitigate and stop bad breath.

The power comes from oxygenation and pH balance.  These are two important factors in fighting the bacteria that cause bad breath and even other dental health problems. 

Very few products on the market contain oxygenation and pH balance. 

Coupon 1 :  b-fg5  

Coupon 2:  a-per10

Check it out now.

starter kit   STKT-TBR-104  therabreath complete


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How To Get The Best Therabreath Deal

During times when there is no big sale happening, the best way to get a good deal on Therabreath products is to combine a powerful coupon, such as a-fg10, with the money saving bonus paks.  

I would elaborate more, but it is pretty self explanatory.  You can also find additional coupons here. (hint:  one of them might even be better than a-fg10 for you)  

Coupon Page

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Therabreath Mouthwash Savings

If you need a single bottle of therabreath mouthwash, you can utilize coupon a-per10 to get free shipping and a free tube of toothpaste!  That's an awesome deal.

If you would like to save further and don't mind buying in bulk, you can use coupon a-fg10 on one of these money saving bonus paks.  Coupon a-fg10 allows you to take an additional 10% off the 'already great' savings on the bonus paks AND also scores you free shipping, free toothpaste and free mouthwash.  (regular flavor oxygenated and pH balanced toothpaste and mouthwash).

Regardless of which option you choose, you score some savings!   Consider sharing this information with others who can enjoy and save with it.

aktiv-oxigen starter kit with coupon STKT-AKTO-381


Aktiv Oxigen Starter Kit By Therabreath STKT-AKTO-381 And Coupon

Aktiv Oxigen item number  STKT-AKTO-381

When purchasing the Therabreath Aktiv Oxigen Starter Kit  ( item code:  STKT-AKTO-381)  You can use coupon code  a-per10 during checkout at this link.  

Coupon code a-per10 will give you free shipping on your starter kit,  PLUS a bonus tube of perio therapy toothpaste.   ( normally a $14 value)

So enjoy using coupon code a-per10 When purchasing your new Therabreath Aktiv-Oxigen Starter Kit.

If you have questions, just call 888-586-6849.

If you found this information useful, consider sharing it with others who may also benefit.

aktiv-oxigen starter kit with coupon STKT-AKTO-381


Therabreath Savings Two Options To Save On Therabreath

Option 1.

Use coupon code a-fg10 in conjunction with this bulk deal. 

Option 2. 

Here is a 'free' trial.  You just pay shipping and are signed up for an auto bill program - BUT you get a great deal at the same time.

If you would like to look over additional coupons beside the one above,  then click here.  
Hint: There is a 20% off coupon for a Dr. Katz Therabreath Ozonator there! 

how to save on therabreath


Saturday, November 2, 2013

How To Save On Therabreath Teeth Whitening Kit TTHW-TBRI-459

This is the trick to save a little bit on the TTHW-TBRI-459 model tooth whitening kit by Therabreath AND get a free tube of perio therapy toothpaste as well! 

"Sorry, but the kit as been discontinued".  try one of these teeth whitening packages instead.  

Note:  If you can get your order up to $60, you can use coupon b-fg5  which will give you $5 off the order + Free Shipping.   (but no toothpaste).  

So you have two options to choose from!  

coupon for teeth whitening kit  TTHW-TBRI-459


Therabreath Savings

So you want to save on Therabreath products?    I don't blame you!  Oxygenated, pH balanced products give you an advantage over other products out there. 

So, here is how you do it. 

Use the coupon a-fg10  when checking out on top of this good deal.  

This way you are getting the discount from the a-fg10 coupon on top of bulk savings.

That's how you save on Therabreath! 

save on therabreath