Friday, November 15, 2013

Therabreath Plus Mouthwash MTWS-TBPL-16 Plus mouthwash is the most powerful formula that therabreath has for helping to get rid of bad breath.

It's powerful because it is concentrated.  It is also powerful because it is oxygenated.   Oxygenation has the ability to kill or slow the 'bad' bacteria.  

pH balance is another powerful feature of this mouthwash that very, very few mouthwash formulas on the market have.  Most do not. 

pH balance is very powerful too.  The 'bad' bacteria don't like a higher pH.  They want and need a lower (acidic) pH.  When they don't have that environment, they slow down and reproduce less rapidly.

Therefore, you are truly attacking the root cause of the problem and you are NOT JUST covering odor.  Covering odors is what most mouthwash does.   That's a temp fix and doesn't address the root cause.

Therefore, you want something like Therabreath Plus Mouthwash

Give it a try.  Tell them I sent you there.

Coupon:   You can use coupon a-per10 for this mouthwash at the above link.  It will give you free shipping and free toothpaste on a single bottle of mouthwash!

However,  You can also bulk up.  Get 10 bottles or more and you can use coupon a-fg10 .   a-fg10 - gives you 10% off and free mouthwash and free toothpaste and a free tongue scraper and free shipping!    This is for orders of $100 or more.

If you aren't ordering in bulk.  simply use coupon a-per10.   a-per10 will give you free shipping plus free toothpaste.   It's a great coupon for smaller orders.

Checkout  Therabreath Plus Mouthwash Now 

Therabreath Plus oral rinse  MTWS-TBPL-16


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