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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Handling Multiple Shipping Addresses

The Problem

Our store software which is on a third party platform has some limitations.  One of them is that it is unable to accept multiple shipping addresses.    That's bad news both for customers and for us.   It could be a real limitation.

Yesterday, we had a gentleman order 5 Hydro Floss Machines.  He wanted them sent to 5 different addresses.   The Hydro Floss is an excellent machine and when people understand what it can do, they naturally want to give them to their friends and relatives.

So, how did we handle this problem?   We simply added each separate address into the note section of the order form.  Problem solved.

It Would Be Better

I have to admit that it perplexes me that our software provider has not rectified this situation.  I often get the feeling that they don't think from the customer's perspective.  It seems ludicrous to NOT allow the customer to enter multiple shipping addresses.

However, that is one of the problems of being an eCommerce store owner, you have to accept the limitations of the platform you are on.    At the same time, I know they have the resources and the ability to do better.   As I said before, I am perplexed that they are not 'up to speed' on this issue!


The Key Point

The key point is that regardless of what situations we face, we are dedicated to helping our customers have an easy and smooth experience with us.  The man was very happy that I solved his 'problem'.   I just want to let customers know that we do our best.  We are not perfect, but we really try!


PS:  We also have a line of high quality products for fighting bad breath.

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