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Sunday, August 18, 2013

An Example Of What You Don't Want To See From Your Ecommerce Provider

I won't publicly name my eCommerce provider  but here is how you can find out who they are:

choose a better ecommerce provider

They force me to put a link at the bottom of my page that goes directly back to them.   You can find that link on the bottom of the page here. 

I am not able to remove this link (it just comes back when you remove it from the template) unless I pay them an additional $25 per month.

I wasn't able to remove the link but I did change the link text from their name to "Thank You For Visiting".

Keep in mind. I'm not a basic customer. (Which shouldn't matter anyway.)   I am on one of their higher paid plans, but they still won't allow me to remove the link. 

Another Example :

I asked tech support something like this:

I notice that many of your competitors are integrated with Amazon payments, when will we see this feature:

There answer started with:   Currently we do not have information on when/if we are integrating with Amazon Payments.

Of course, they went on to apologize, but I can tell you that this is typical of the support you can expect from them.

These are examples of things you should look out for when choosing an Ecommere provider. 

what should you avoid when looking for an ecommerce providerSincerely,

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An Idea For Monetizing Your Blog

Monetize Your Blog With An Ecommerce Store

how are you monetizing your blog? Have you tried everything to monetize your blog with little to no luck? 

I'm sure there have been others who have said what I'm about to say, but I don't see it too much from bloggers.

Why not make your blog part of an ecommerce store?  Then you can spend some time blogging about the products that you have for sale as well as other things you are interested in.  Mix it up a bit.

You know how everyone talks about niche marketing, right? 

Consider this,  you only have so much time in a day.  Do you, as an individual, have time to run more than one website or blog?  

Maybe if you own a big company, you can assign people to tackle multiple niches.  But if you are a one woman or one man show, maybe it is better to focus on a single site?

Many Relatively Inexpensive Solutions For Ecommerce

There are many Ecommerce providers.   For example, there is 3D cart,  BigCommerce,  Shopify and Volusion and many other Ecommerce solutions. 

With many of them, you can get a store front for as little as $20 or $30 per month.  It's relatively low risk. 

Some Words Of Wisdom Based On Experience

Spend some time checking out your shopping cart solution before you invest in it.  If the platform is hosted by another company, take some time to make sure they are updating their shopping cart product all of the time.

There is always a new way to improve your shopping cart.  If your provider is not making constant upgrades, you might shy away from them.   Things change quickly on the Internet.  

You don't want to be stuck with platform that doesn't update very often.  You will fall far behind feature rich providers very quickly that way.

Very important: Be very wary of shopping cart solutions that charge a percentage of your monthly sales.   That's not good.  You only want to pay a fixed monthly fee that you can easily keep track of. 

There are enough providers that operate on the fixed monthly fee to choose from. 

You should only choose the percentage model if you get MASSIVE value in return.  In other words if they are selling stuff for you.    No,  I don't know of anyone that does that, before you ask. 

It's Hard To Move Once You Choose

You'll want to be very careful about your choice because once you are established, it is very difficult to change providers, without having problems.   For example:  You'll need to create a lot of redirect links.  That is work.  

It will have a big impact on any search engine traffic you have been getting.  Once you change carts, the search engines will take some time to update.  It may not initially be as good as what you had. 

For these reasons, choose wisely in the first place.  Make sure you have a good provider.  Do a search for complaints about all providers you are considering.  That might provide some insight you would not otherwise obtain.

The sales people from each platform sure aren't going to tell you about those complaints.  Therefore, seek them out on your own.  


Support And Sales People May Not Be The Best To Ask About Promoting Your Store

Remember, that the tech support and salesman probably don't know that much about Ecommerce.  If they were really skilled at it, they would probably being doing that instead of selling or providing tech support.   

Therefore,  the advice you get from anyone at your Ecommerce provider company should be taken with a grain of salt.   Beware of extra services like paid SEO and DataFeeds or PPC services. 

Usually a company is good at one thing, and not so good at these others.  They may also just be looking to sell extra services whereby they take more value than they give. 

If you need help in those areas, go somewhere else.   Unfortunately, these things are difficult to work out in a positive way for you.  They usually end up costi
can you monetize your blog with an ecommerce store?
ng you money with little verifiable ROI.  So be careful when anyone tries to offer you these things.  This goes for non Ecommerce platform companies as well. 

Many people are good at selling the sizzle.  But if there is no steak in their product, that sizzle does little to no good!  

Positive Side

Selling directly from your own store has some benefits.   Affiliate programs have a lot of problems.  They don't always track correctly and you can lose many sales via the telephone as well.  

Most affiliate managers would like you to believe otherwise, but they really cannot (or are not willing)  to control these things.  You will most likely lose out on sales that you rightfully deserve as an affiliate.

If you sell directly from your website,  you can be confident that you are getting all the sales you earned. 

I hope you found this information helpful.    If you have comments or questions, use the section below to share them or ask.


Negative Side

It's not for everyone.  Competition is fierce.  Costs can vary.  You have stock and keep track of inventory, collect taxes, AND promote your online store.  

In addition, you will need a merchant account and security certifications.   There is plenty of work involved. 

In the end, you will have to weigh all of your options carefully before deciding. 

a good idea for monetizing your blogSincerely,


Monday, May 13, 2013

Have You Ever Thought Of Running Your Own Online Store?

Have Ever Thought Of Running Your Own Online Ecommerce Store? 

That's what is.  It is an online ecommerce store.

Ecommerce is a great way to build a website where people pay to buy products from you.  Amazon is probably the biggest example of this.  But, did you know there are probably 10s of thousands if not more ecommerce sites on the Internet?

You can sell almost anything with an ecommerce store from digital to physical products (I recommend physical products over digital - ask me why in the comment area below).  

You can sell things you create yourself or you can do what regular stores do.  They buy products wholesale and sell retail.

The best part is that you can work from home.  You can build your store,  talk to your customers, sell your products all while working at home.   This really reduces your costs and overhead and gives you a better chance to succeed.   

I have my entire business on my laptop so I can go mobile whenever I want.  If I get tired of working at home then I just head on over to a local coffee shop with my laptop.   I can do nearly everything through my laptop including talking to customers.   This means that buying a coffee latte or cappuccino doubles as my 'office rent'.   It's convenient.  

You can take credit card payments (merchant account needed), paypal payments, google shopping payments and / or a wide variety of other methods that people use to pay for goods.   I do not recommend accepting online checks though.  That can be a big headache.   

The nice thing about ecommerce stores is they don't cost a lot to startup and run.   You don't have to pay huge rental bills like you would have in order to run a store from a building.   That makes your risk smaller - especially at the beginning when you might not be 100% sure that it will work for you. is an example of an ecommerce store.  In fact, this blog is part of that store.

I don't intend for this to sound easy though.  It is not.  You have to work at it, just like you would work at building any business.  

If you are interested in running an ecommere store, you can learn more about it here.  

If you have questions or comments, use the comment section below to talk about it.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Handling Multiple Shipping Addresses

The Problem

Our store software which is on a third party platform has some limitations.  One of them is that it is unable to accept multiple shipping addresses.    That's bad news both for customers and for us.   It could be a real limitation.

Yesterday, we had a gentleman order 5 Hydro Floss Machines.  He wanted them sent to 5 different addresses.   The Hydro Floss is an excellent machine and when people understand what it can do, they naturally want to give them to their friends and relatives.

So, how did we handle this problem?   We simply added each separate address into the note section of the order form.  Problem solved.

It Would Be Better

I have to admit that it perplexes me that our software provider has not rectified this situation.  I often get the feeling that they don't think from the customer's perspective.  It seems ludicrous to NOT allow the customer to enter multiple shipping addresses.

However, that is one of the problems of being an eCommerce store owner, you have to accept the limitations of the platform you are on.    At the same time, I know they have the resources and the ability to do better.   As I said before, I am perplexed that they are not 'up to speed' on this issue!


The Key Point

The key point is that regardless of what situations we face, we are dedicated to helping our customers have an easy and smooth experience with us.  The man was very happy that I solved his 'problem'.   I just want to let customers know that we do our best.  We are not perfect, but we really try!


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