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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Power Knock Out Bad Breath


Sometimes it is fun to make videos.  You get a sense of what feels good and what doesn't it. 

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Knocking out bad breath

This is important to a number of people for a variety of reasons.  This problem can be interfering with both personal relationships as well as career / work relationships.   And if it is interfering with the later, it can be a big problem for you and where you want to go. 

It is more complicated by the fact that many people have no wish to tell a person they have bad breath.   Hopefully, you would let your friend know.  Would you let them know?  

You can visit the link above to find the resources mentioned in the video. 

Thanks for watching 

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Monday, June 10, 2013

How To Save Big on Therabreath Every Day

Steps 1 and 2

1.  Choose one these money saving Bonus Paks

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Video Shows You How to Use Coupon a-fg10 

It's best to use the coupon in all lower case.   Here is a video:

When it comes to stopping bad breath, many people are lost.  They use a tongue scraper, brush constantly and use liberal amounts of mouthwash - but no luck!

Have you ever stopped to consider that this scenario might change drastically with the correct toothpaste and mouthwash?

That's why using the 'money saving Bonus Paks'  link above is something you will want to check out right away.

Getting rid of bad breath could improve life in a variety of ways.   I remember hearing one mom say that her little daughter did not like to kiss her or be near her face.   She would even tell her mother that her breath stinks.

Can you imagine the difference in that woman and her daughters' lives by altering the one little factor of fresh breath?   Now think about your situation.  Is bad breath affecting your personal and / or professional relationships?

Why put up with that?

Read more

knock out bad breath and save while doing so

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power knock out bad breath wiht a 1-2 punchSincerely,

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power knock out bad breath 1-2 punch

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Assess The Quality Of Your Breath

It is a known fact that many people with bad breath are not even aware that they have it. If bad breath is an area that concerns you, then read it.

Maybe you were told once or twice that you have bad breath - but how often do you really have it? If even they are brave enough to tell you once, they may not be brave enough to tell you again.

Bad breath has an impact on people. It can leave an impression and it can alter perceptions. If you have been wondering if your breath has been hindering your personal, family and business relationships, there is an online evaluation you can take.

This evaluation was created by an expert who has been studying the area of bad breath since the 1970s.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saving The Whole Family From Bad Breath

Does Bad Breath "Run In The Family"?  

Let's face it, sometimes an entire family is afflicted by bad breath.

Inheriting a Problem

One of the problems with being a baby is that we tend to receive our first oral bacteria from our primary care giver, most often the parents.   So, if the parents transmit the bacteria to the children, it can happen that the develop colonies of  the same type.

In addition,  Geographical Tongue refers to a tongue that has a lot of grooves and fissures when compared to other tongues.   These extra hiding spots are great for the anaerobic sulfur compound producing bacteria to hide.

You could inherit this type of tongue from one (or both) of your parents.  Therefore, yes,  it is possible to develop the same problems as our parents have.

What You Do Must Work

What you do to fight this problem has to be effective.   Fresh breath has an influence on both personal and working relationships as well as that all important  'first impression' that everyone talks about.

Even though it may not be true, many people will interpret bad breath as a sign of a person who does not have sufficient cleanliness habits.    This in turn, can affect a person's overall opinion of you.   In sales, it can be a problem that directly affects your bottom line.

Therefore, you have to hit this problem hard.  You have to strike it in a way that is not just masking symptoms but making an impact on reducing bacterial populations.   Many mouthwashes, gums and drops simply cover one smell with another.   This is not the ideal solution.

This is where the power of oxygen comes in.  Remember that bad breath causing bacteria are mostly anaerobic in nature?   This means that they don't like oxygen.  In many cases they can die in the presence of oxygen.

Therefor oxygen is something you might consider adding to your daily oral health routine.   Striking at the level of the bacteria present might make a greater impact over missing them completely by simply covering the smell.   Get at the root of the problem can help to lessen the situation.

pH balance is also important in a product.  A low pH (acidic) causes bacteria to grow more rapidly.  Therefore, it might be helpful to utilize products that  drive the pH higher.  This can slow the growht of the 'bad' bacteria.

Since this problem can afflict an entire family, you can read more about the Family Bad Breath Kit. This kit contains oxygenated and pH balanced products. 


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