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Friday, December 13, 2019

Where Can I Get Parts For My HydroFloss?

You can find parts for the HydroFloss Oral Irrigator Here:

You may find parts like, o-rings, pumps, hoses, tips, tip holders and more.   

If you are looking for the tip holders, you may need to call the number above for that.  

Monday, June 29, 2015

Clear Plastic Ring On Bottom Of HydroFloss Is Missing?

The only two replaceable pieces on the bottom of the HydroFloss reservoir are the white plastic insert and the black o-ring. 

If you are seeing that a clear plastic ring is missing, it's actually broken off and not missing.  It is one solid piece with the rest of the reservoir.   (you can see a picture here.)

There is only one hydrofloss model at the time of this writing.  You can find the model number stamped on the bottom of the HydroFloss.  It is:   7618.034


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hydro Floss Replacement Parts - Where Can You Get Them?

Where Can You Get Hydro Floss Replacement Parts?

Many people LOVE to repair their own Hydro Floss.  Not only do you save money (and time) but you get the satisfaction of having done it yourself.

Here is Where You Can Get Hydro Floss Replacement Parts.

When you visit that link, be sure to scroll down.  If you don't see what you are looking for - be aware that there is a page two.

You will find the link for 'page two' towards the bottom.

Worse case scenario:  If you are not sure if something you see is for you or not - call me at  888-586-6849.

You also use our chat function.  If someone is manning the chat, you will be able to reach them immediately.    If not, you can simply leave a chat message.

In any case, the chances of your finding what you need are pretty good.

There are many parts available,  the o-ring, valve, pump, tips, hose, reservoir, lid,  and more are available.

I hope that helps.


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Thursday, September 18, 2014

HydroFloss Replacement Parts - Where Can I Find Them?

Toothy Grins Store Has HydroFloss Replacement Parts

hydrofloss replacement parts
We have a variety of parts for the HydroFloss Oral irrigator.   We have reservoirs, pumps, handle assemblies, o-rings and the plastic valve insert.

We also have a number of other accessories such as regular jet tips, pocket pal jet tips, sulcus jet tips and cannula jet tips.

You can either browse our store here:   hydrofloss replacement parts  or simply call  1-888-586-6849 to get help and answers to your questions.

Reservoir Issues: 

The reservoir sometimes gets dropped on a tile floor.  This typically results in the reservoir shattering.

It can also get broken during travel.  One tip is to keep the original box your hydro floss comes in and use THAT for travel.   It protects the HydroFloss very well.

Because the styrofoam is custom molded for the HydroFloss it is hard to find better protection.   Saving the original box would be very helpful. 

The biggest problem happens for people who just wrap their hydrofloss in a towel or something similar and hope it will be in tact when they arrive at their destination.   That usually leads to disappointment.

We have the reservoirs here. 

Hose and Handle Issues

Believe it or not, the most common reason that a hose needs to be replaced is getting burned by a curling iron.   Try as you might, there is basically no good way to contain a leak once it starts.

I've talked to many very good, mechanically inclined, people.  They have tried all kinds of tricks, but in the end, getting a new hose and handle assembly turned out to be the best option.

If this is the case for you, you can get the assembly here.   
Hint, there is also a two pack for those who want to keep a spare around or have 2 Hydro Floss units to repair.

HydroFloss Pump

Some people would rather replace the pump themselves rather than buy a new unit.   One reason this becomes necessary is that minerals in water tend to clog the machine over time and slow the flow to the point that it is no longer fun to use.

If this happens to you AND you feel up to the mechanical challenge you can get a pump.  We don't offer warranties or directions on the pumps (or the handles for that matter)  But if you are a good do-it-yourselfer you will join the ranks of others who have successfully replaced these parts. 

If you would like get a pump, get it here. 

There are some of the parts we have,  as you know from above we have even more than this.

You can see most of them here. 

You are also free to call 1-888-586-6849  for orders and inquiries via telephone. 


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hydrofloss replacement parts