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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Meet Dr. Tate Vo

More on Doctor Vo here:

I first found out about Dr. Tate Vo due to her comment my post on brushing with baking soda here on this site.

She practices in Rochester,  New York.

It looks like she won a 2012 'Talk of the Town' Customer satisfaction award! 

It's interesting to me that she and her hygienist work on 1 patient at a time.  It sounds like that means there are no long stays in the waiting room.   That would be fantastic for any patient.

The name of her practice is DenTate Smile Designs.  If you are looking for a better smile, perhaps Dr. Vo is the right dentist for you?

It appears that she was heavily influenced by her mother's dental practice when she was growing up.  Based on what I can gather from her website, it looks like she may be a truly caring dentist who also cares about prevention and doing right by the patient.

It is not always easy to find a good dentist.   I don't know Dr. Vo personally, so I can't vouch for her  - but if I were looking for a good dentist in the Rochester area, she would definitely be on my list to check out. 

Reading through her website gave me a wealth of clues that she might be a very good and conscientious dentist.   I am always happy to meet a dentist like that. 

Caring about patients goes a lot deeper than just the surface.  To me, it means the dentist is going to do what is best for the patient, not what is best for the dentist.

I think Dr. Vo is definitely worth checking out.

Her website is:

950 West Avon Road Suite 1
Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Tel No: (248) 656-2300

If you are looking for a good dentist in Rochester, NY,  I would put her on the list of doctors to visit.


PS: Dr. Vo's website mentioned that she focuses on prevention.   I think that is fantastic!  My favorite prevention tool is this one