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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Unstoppable Morning Breath Meets Unstoppable Power

stopping that morning breathLet's say for example that you really do get used to each other's morning breath.   There are still going to be plenty of people who will aren't going to get used to it!

So, stopping it becomes a priority.

Power formulas were designed to stop / prevent bad breath and morning breath. 

Dragon breath slaying power is what is needed, right?

In addition, combine the above with a coupon like a-fg10.   With this coupon you save an additional 10% off, plus you score free oxygenated toothpaste and free oxygenated mouthwash.

This is about you feeling and being more empowered to handle your own life.   Our relationships don't just stop with family, they extend to coworkers, business acquaintances and even customers.

Power protection against that "Dragon Breath", might make your world run more smoothly, right?

Power formulas were designed to stop / prevent bad breath and morning breath.  

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

How To Beat Bad Breath - Video

The post referred to in this video can be found here. 

How To Beat Bad Breath Video:


Bad breath and morning breath are a menace to our professional and personal relationships.   We definitely don't want to offend our business contacts or our significant others - or the rest of our families for that matter.  

Many of the 'solutions' out there are temporary and don't strike at the heart of the problem.   Using the right products can make a big difference.  

Population control (of bacteria) becomes crucial.  

Start with this free information that teaches reality from fiction

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Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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Tonsil Stones: A Hidden Source of Bad Breath?  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting Rid Of Bad Breath And Morning Breath

Win The Fight

Bad breath and / or morning breath are both problems that can irritate both our professional and personal relationships.

We always want to do our best to make relationships of all types to run more smoothly.   Many people are very much unaware of the fact that they have bad breath.

On the other hand, many people know they have it and that something must be done.

Get Your Free Guide To Fighting Bad Breath | Morning Breath Here

Here are some coupons you can use in conjunction with the free guide on bad breath. You may watch the video below on how to use them.  

Here is a video on how to use these coupons:

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Regardless of which store you buy these products from, the information in the guide above is very good and very useful. 

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