Saturday, June 6, 2015

On Amazon: Tea Tree Oil With Free Shipping

Tea Tree Oil On Amazon With Free Shipping

We have four Amazon packages for tea tree oil.   

1. Single Bottle of Tea Tree Oil  - This, like all the other packages on this page is made of 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.  Look out for brands that don't say "Australian" on them because it is very likely they are coming from another country (China, New Zealand and others).   Australian is regarded as the best.  You can find the single bottles here.  

2.   Double pack of tea tree oil -  You save a good bit over a single bottle and still get free shipping.  This is 100% pure oil as are the other packages on this page.  Make sure that you are getting 100% pure tea tree oil when you shop.  There are brands out there that 'say' 100% pure, but when you inspect more closely, you discover that there are other oils mixed in!  It's really not the same value at all!   Ours is 100% pure Australian tea tree oil with nothing else in the bottle.  

3. Triple back - the savings are even greater.   - Once, my wife bought some really cheap "100% Pure "tea tree oil from a local store.  I thought the price was a little unbelievable.  So I looked closely at the package and sure enough - it was cut with two other oils.  So, I guess they were saying that in addition to other oils there is "100% pure" tea tree oil in the bottle.  Look out for these deceptive marketing tactics!   Again, ours is 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil with nothing else in the bottle!  

4.  Four pack of tea tree oil.  This is probably your best value.  When you break the cost down, the price per bottle is extremely reasonable AND the shipping is still free!   As with the other packages on this page it is true 100% Australian tea tree oil.   In addition, every bottle comes with our signature label that will NOT smear, drip or run - even if you douse it in oil for 30 minutes!    This allows you to keep your collection straight and looking good!  

Of course, Toothy Grins would prefer if you bought our tea tree oil from our site.  But, I  also understand if you just want to shop on Amazon.   We won't hold it against you, but you might want to consider our 40% off coupon as an incentive to shop with us.  

If you prefer, you can also order your tea tree oil directly from us at 1-888-586-6849.  

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