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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tea Tree Oil On Amazon

Click Here To Get Tea Tree Oil On Amazon

Tea Tree Oil Available On Amazon

You can find our Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil on this site as well as on Amazon.  This is a great brand of tea tree oil because it is very high quality.  It comes from Australia - unlike other brands.  

Having the oil come from Australia is a bragging point and if a brand doesn't say it is from Australia, it could be that it is from another country such as China.  So, look for 'Australian' tea tree oil. 

You can find out tea tree oil on Amazon here:

100% Pure 

Another quality you should be looking for in tea tree oil is that it is 100% pure.  But, just because a brand claims '100% pure' doesn't mean that it is.   You see, I've seen a brand that claims 100% pure, but what they fail to tell you is that they have other oils in the bottle too!   Therefore, it isn't actually 100% pure.  The oil itself might have been, but once they mix it with other oils, it really isn't.   It's a marketing trick and it is unfair to the consumer.  

When you ask for 100% pure tea tree oil, you should be getting tea tree oil only and NO OTHER oils in the bottle.  Watch out for the above marketing trick. 

You are safe with toothy grins tea tree oil because it is the ONLY oil in the bottle and it is 100% pure.  It's not diluted with other oils or water or anything else!  

When Looking At Our Brand On Amazon - Here Is A Tip

I've noticed a strange phenomenon among shoppers.  I'm pointing this out to benefit you.  I think it happens because people are in a hurry.   

We have our single bottle, 2 pack, 3 pack and 4 pack all on the same page on Amazon.  Just search for Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil and you'll find it.    So, what is strange is that some shoppers will purchase 4 single bottles instead of the 4 pack - which offers very significant savings.    

Again, I think this happens because some shoppers are truly in a hurry and just don't pay attention. So, take this tip for what it is worth because it can save you a lot of money!  

Free Shipping On Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil. 

When you purchase toothy grins tea tree oil, either on this site or on Amazon, you will be getting free shipping if you live in the continental United States.  So shop away!   Everyone loves free shipping.  Because of extra costs involved, shoppers outside of the continental US will have to pay a little extra for shipping.  That also holds true for APO Boxes as well as US territories.   But again, if you live in the continental US, it's as good as prime with free shipping!  

I hope you enjoy that benefit.   

Tea Tree Oil Bottle Label

When I had our bottle designed I had a couple of things in mind.  One was a professional look.  This is because it doesn't matter if you are using the oil yourself or for your business (such as message therapy or other therapy practices), our oil looks professional and you won't be afraid to display it, unlike some other labels out there. 

The other problem that people encounter with their essential oil bottle labels is the labelling runs as soon as drip a little oil on it, which is practically inevitable in my opinion.  Therefore, I had our labels designed to be smear and run resistant.   I've doused the label in oil for over 30 minutes and the label was not damaged and was still fully readable and still looked good.   Don't try that with other brands because the labels probably won't hold up as well!  

If you have used essential oils before, you probably have seen this effect at some point.  It's not professional and it can also cause you to lose track of your oils, particularly if you have a lot of different essential oils in your home, office or clinic.  


How do you like the two pictures above?   Well, I hope you like them, but even if you don't feel free to comment in the comment section below.    

This is what the bottles look like without other items in the picture: 

I think you will find the Toothy Grins brand superior to other tea tree oil brands.  Both the oil itself and the label will make you happy that you purchased this oil.  I hope you will become a loyal user and share our brand with others.   

Tea tree oil is so useful and beneficial that it almost seems like every family should have some.  If you have special uses for tea tree oil that you are willing to share with the readers of this page, please share it in the comment section below.  

If you have liked this page, please consider sharing it on your favorite social media like facebook, pinterest, twitter, google + etc.  

Thanks for visiting.  


PS: here is a 'secret' 40% off coupon code you can use on our single bottles of tea tree oil on Amazon - the code is 40OFFOIL.  - Enjoy!  

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