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Cracked And Broken Teeth - Avoid Them!

Video:  Cracked and Broken Teeth - Avoid Them!  :


I actually made this video quite some time ago and it has amassed several thousand views.  When I listen to it, I realize that I did not filter out the "ums" and pauses etc.   If I were to make that video today, I probably would have. 

Never-The-Less the message in the video is quite valid today.   It is a shame how  many people end up with problems because they don't have a grasp of some very basic concepts.  

Check Mouth pH 

In order to give yourself a better understanding of what is happening in your mouth, it would be cool if you could get your hands on some pH testing strips.   Your local pharmacy may or may not have them.  You might have to hunt around a bit, but they are out there. 

Spit onto a small dish and use the pH strip to test your saliva.  Do NOT put the pH strips in your mouth - ever.   Then drink something acidic, like an energy drink or -gasp- a cup of coffee.   Afterwards, test your saliva's pH again. 

Then, you can try the pH balancing mouthwash and see what effect it has.   You can try all kinds of different things, such as chewing xylitol gum, then you can see the effects on the mouth's pH.  Pretty soon, you will have a new awareness growing.  

You mouth's saliva is designed to rebuild and strengthen your enamel.   But, if has a really hard time doing that in an acidic environment.  

Lifestyle changes are hard to pull off. In other words, it is not likely that you are going to stop drinking coffee, soda, energy drinks, and other similar things.   Many foods are also acidic in the mouth, including those that people claim 'balance the pH of the body'.    When it is in the mouth, if it is acidic, it is a potential problem. 

Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease 

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* I speak in general terms only on this site.  Specific questions about your unique dental health situation should be addressed by  your doctor or periodontist.  

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