Saturday, December 29, 2012

Panasonic Portable Irrigator EW-DJ10-A

Portable Panasonic

ew-dj-10A Panasonic irrigatorThis irrigator is made for travel.   It is small and compact and runs from two AA batteries.  

However, there is a drawback.  The chamber that holds the water, as you will see in the video below, is a bit small.

If you don't mind refilling it a few times to do an adequate irrigation job, then that would be no problem for you.   But, if you are not sure you want to do that, this might not be the right irrigator for you.

Of course, in order to be 'portable' it needs to have a small chamber.   You are likely to run into the same problem with other portables too.

The nice thing is the battery chamber.  You can use a small coin to open the twist part and the two batteries go inside that chamber.  No need to worry about chargers or power cords!

Not As Powerful As This:

Of course, this little baby is not as powerful as the hydro floss and it also lacks the hydromagnetic qualities that the hydro floss offers.  But, for a short trip, it is much better than nothing at all.

I did hear form a Hydro Floss customer once who told me that she wanted to travel with her Hydro Floss.  She travels a lot as a bank VP.  Once she found out how the Hydro Floss improved her dental health, she did not want to be without it.

Her Solution?

She told me that she kept the original packaging that the Hydro Floss came in.   That packaging encases the Hydro Floss in a nice protective snugly fitting dress of Styrofoam.  She said that it protects her Hydro Floss nicely and she is happy to travel with it.

Maybe some people don't want to travel with a full size irrigator.   In that case, the portable panasonic is a good choice. 

David Snape

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