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What You Should Know About Gum Disease Part 22

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Contributing Factors To Gum Disease

Immune compromising disease, diabetes, smoking and chewing tobacco can contribute to worsening a gum disease issue.   The later two you can do something about.  And you should.  Of course, there are many other contributing factors as well.   We also talked about genetics vs environment earlier too.

Periodontal Pocket Depths

These numbers are very important to you.  You have possibly heard me mention a time or two that gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss and professionals tell us that about 75% of people have it.   In addition, everyone seems to think they are in the 25% that don't!

One objective way to check on the health of your gums is via the periodontal pocket depths.  If these are 3mms and below, generally speaking most dental health practitioners would consider that healthy.   However, if you are above 3mm, most would feel that you have a problem.

Knowing these numbers becomes your objective guage to your dental health.   Therefore, you should ask for those numbers on every dental office visit.  They should be taken them on every visit as well.  But that doesn't always happen.  So ask.

Keep those numbers as a reference to check on what you are doing at home.  If the numbers get better on your next visit, then you know you are improving.  If they stay the same (assuming there was a problem) or get worse, then you need to evaluate what you are doing at home and make adjustments accordingly.

Hopefully, you fully realize how important these numbers are and how equally important that you keep track of them.   Unfortunately, most people have never heard of what you just read and if they have, they may have forgotten.  It's just not common knowledge - but I think it should be.

Few people are out there explaining this key concept.  Therefore, I thought you should know.

 The Full Book

There is a lot of information in the book,  I think every family should have a copy on their book shelf.  If 3 out of every 4 people have gum disease, what are the chances that someone in a family of four have this problem and need this information?

I think the answer is obvious.


David Snape

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*  I speak in general terms only here.  For specific questions about your unique dental health situation be sure to ask your periodontist or dentist.  

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Full Book In Print Form

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