Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flossing And Brushing May Not Be Enough To Protect Your Dental Health

Not Enough For Most People

Many people believe that proper brushing and flossing are enough to stop or prevent gum disease and cavities.  I am going to attempt to explain why that may be true sometime but is not true MOST of the time. 

Perhaps you think that I am incorrect in saying that brushing and flossing are not enough?   I understand why you would think that.  After all, it is what we have been indirectly taught since the time we were children.

However, the basic fact remains:  About 3 out of every 4 people have some gum disease right now!  I did not make that up.  75% of people have some gum disease.  Ask any dental professional, this is the standard answer.  You might find some variation but 75% is the typical answer you will receive. 

Therefore, if 75% of people have some gum disease right now, then regular brushing and flossing must not work for most people. 

You Should Definitely Continue to Brush and Floss

Please do not misunderstand me.  You should continue to brush and floss because they are both important preventive measures that should not be overlooked.   It is important that you continue to do both.   

It is also important that you get your regular dental cleanings at the frequency that your dentist or periodontist recommends.  Those cleanings can really help you. 

However, nearly every dental professional will agree that what you do at home has the greatest impact of all on your dental health.    I think we just established that brushing and flossing, while important are not keeping MOST people from having gum disease. 

What Else Can You Do?  

 I have written a book on this subject entitled:  What You Should Know About Gum Disease : A Layman's Guide To Fighting Gum Disease ISBN:  978-0981485508

One of the most useful tools I have found for helping to stem the tide, reducing periodontal pocket depths and helping you to make your gums healthier is this home use machine.  

I have also written a free report about it called:  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps.  you can get that free report HERE.  

Well, I think I have given you enough tools and resources to explore further if you want to.   

I can only say that I really do believe that a copy of my book belongs on every family's bookshelf.  When you consider that 75% of people have gum disease whether they know it or not, then in only makes sense that every family and most individuals need this information.  


David Snape
PS:  read more about the book here.  

PPS:  A doctor once told me that prevention doesn't pay.  What do you think he meant by that?  

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