Monday, January 14, 2013

The Hydro Floss Is The Top Oral Irrigator

Simply The Best - The Top Oral Irrigator.

Oh, I suppose you could argue that it is my opinion, but frankly, you would be wrong.   The Hydro Floss really is the best and I will tell you why.

IT Gets Results

I have my own personal experience and I have had the privilege of talking with dozens if not hundreds of customers over the last few years.  The experiences they relay to me are often similar to my own.

I was able to utilize the Hydro Floss to get an objectively measurable difference in my periodontal pocket depths.   I was once told I needed a SRP or 'Deep Cleaning' treatment.   In the US, these can get quite costly.   I used the Hydro Floss a lot for about 5 months.

When I returned to the same dental office, the looks of shock and amazement on the face of both the hygienist and the dentist were quite pronounced.    My dentist said, "Whatever you are doing keep it up, you no longer need that treatment! (The SRP)   I was delighted.

But, when I began selling the Hydro Floss, I heard from many customers who have also been able to reduce their periodontal pocketing and avoid expensive treatments!   Sometimes they mention this in the product review section of our site.

One man, just the other day was buying a new one from Toothy Grins Store.  He said, "My current one is not even broken,  I just want a spare so that I don't have to go without the Hydro Floss."

Another man liked his results so much that he bought 5 the other day to give to all of his relatives!

This is the kind of response that comes about because something works.  It is not imagination, it has worked for a lot of people!  

It Has Been Documented

The Hydro Floss has been tested by professional researchers and their results have been published in the peer-reviewed journal:  The Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  

This did not happen once, but it happened twice.  Once in May of 1993 and again in May of 1998.  The researchers in both studies declared their results to be statistically significant.    This means, the results were unlikely to be random.

They used one machine with magnetic technology that comes with each new Hydro Floss against machines were the magnetic technology had been removed.   The difference in results was, again, significant.

So you have two avenues form which to look at this:

1. Clinical research

2. Customer product reviews.

Why take a chance on something that may not provide the absolute best possibility to get results?

The Hydro Floss Is documented and customers get results.

Of course, every human body is different and results can't be 100% guaranteed for everyone - that would be impossible.   But, the vast majority of people I have spoken with, have been able to obtain good results.

What you want is for those periodontal pockets to be at 3mm and below.  Generally speaking, most experts would say your gums are healthy at that point.  

David Snape


PS:  I really do believe the Hydro Floss is the best.   Read more here.  

PPS: Check out the pocket pals too.

* I speak in general terms only.  If you have a specific question about your own unique dental health situation, be sure to direct those questions to your dentist or periodontist.

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