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What You Should Know About Gum Disease Part 26

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Gum Disease - A Big Topic and A Big Problem

Before you ask, I do indeed get tired of talking about it.  But, it is necessary for the benefit of others to hammer some key points over and over again.

When you are trying to reach people with genuine and helpful information, it ends up being this way, as there is no other way.

The big key points,  and please pay attention, are:

1. Gum Disease affects 75% of people right now.   Ask any hygienist.  She will have any number of horror stories to tell you.    I know one hygienist that quit.  She told me that she was tired of looking at what she called the 'oreo cookie' look that people have in their mouths.

In case you are wondering, she is talking about excessive tartar build up.  Hygienist are the unsung heroes of dental care because they are constantly removing that stuff for people.

They know that under that tartar and / or plaque build up, unhealthy populations of bacteria love to grow.   In fact, these bacteria created the plaque and tartar.  They are constantly trying to build and establish a suitable environment in your mouth in which to proliferate themselves.

Think there is no intelligence at the cellular level?   Think again.

2.  Gum Disease Is The Number One Cause of Tooth Loss

Nothing else even comes close.  Accidents, cavities or anything else are far in the distance.  Gum Disease is out in front.  And It would love to have all of your teeth.

75% is a big number.  The disease progresses (usually slowly and over time) and people lose gum tissue.  They think it is a 'normal' part of aging.  NOT TRUE.  The final step is for the tooth to either fall our or be pulled.   I can only point things out, it is up to the individual to learn more about this problem.

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PS: you can also get this free guide:  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps

Part 25 

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