Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Do You Know A Good Dentist?

I am asked this question frequently enough that I decided I better do something about this question.

You see, I have only been personally treated by probably less than a dozen dentist in my lifetime.  Of those, MOST are dentists that I would not honestly be able to recommend. 

However, I have also encountered a few really good dentists on that list.   So, I can't personally recommend a dentist to everyone who asks - because they live in different parts of the country from me.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to post about good dentists.   I won't post the negatives because it just isn't worth it.   But, posting about good dentists is a great idea - because the bad ones will be left out be default!

However, I need your help - because as I stated before, I have only been treated by about a dozen or so dentists in my lifetime.

So, please help out those people looking for a good dentist.  

Here is what we need: 

If you know a good dentist, please include the dentist's name, practice location, office address and phone number (if possible).  Tell us why you think this dentist is a great dentist.  What has your experience been? 

To help prevent false reviews from marketing companies, we will have to require your name as well.  People will want to know that you stand behind your words.   Your name and city will be sufficient for this purpose.

No negative comments here.  We are here to post information about good dentists and not the bad ones.    The bad will be left out be default!

Here is the form you can use to submit your story and information:


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