Friday, March 1, 2013

Adding Pocket Pals To Your Hydro Floss Order

What are pocket pals?   They are special tips that can be used with your Hydro Floss Oral irrigator!

They are  not to be used 'instead of'  but rather ' in addition' to.    If you have read my story about the doctor who uses these for preventive reasons, it may make more sense.

Pocket pal jet tips are made specifically for people who have 5 and 6 mm periodontal pockets.   Technically speaking, if your pockets are not that deep, you can skip them.   But again, there is the story I have of the oral surgeon who uses them on herself for preventive purposes.  

Pocket pal tips come with special instructions similar to the sulcus tip special instructions to insure they are safe to use in a specific way.

I will tell you a little secret about these pocket pals.   If you are ordering a brand new Hydro Floss and you want to get a free package of pocket pals with it,  call us at 1-888-586-6849 and tell us that "Dave said so on the pocket pals".  **

If you are checking out online,  you can also add the above in your order notes and we will include the pocket pals.      This is a $14.99 value, so enjoy that benefit.   **

**This offer is only valid when ordering a brand new hydrofloss from  and only if requested at the time of your order.  


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