Thursday, March 14, 2013

The HydroFloss and Implants

The same dentist I mentioned the other day in this post,   mentioned that he thought the HydroFloss was good for implant patients.

This prompted a recollection on my part.   There was an Implantologist I spoke to a while back - might have been one or two years - who told me that when he was trained to do implants, he was told that every implant patient should use the Hydro Floss.

The dentist I spoke to more recently mentioned that the early implants had a particular problem - and that the Hydro Floss was particularly helpful for that problem.  In other words, the HydroFloss was reducing the number of failed implants.

So, anyway, the point is that the Hydro Floss has indeed been recommended by professionals for people with implants.

It's superior ability to reduce plaque and tartar build up also helps to protect the health of the remaining natural teeth and gums.

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The HydroFloss Has Helped A Lot of People Achieve a Reduction In Periodontal Pocket Depths.

Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease 

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