Monday, March 18, 2013

Will The Hydro Floss Work For You?

Ultimately, there is no real way to know for sure.   This is because every single human body is different and every person is in a different situation.  There is no way to say that any one thing will work 100% of the time for everyone.   That would be impossible!

However, here is a way to tell if the Hydro Floss will work for you.  You will need the measurements of the periodontal pocket depths that are given to you (or should be) at every dental office cleaning.  You are going at least twice per year to get your teeth cleaned, right?

So, you take those numbers as your baseline.  Let's say for example you have a bunch of 4mm pockets, a few 5s and maybe a 6.

You use the HydroFloss twice per day with 2 reservoirs per use.   That's a total of 4 reservoirs per day.

Then,  on your next regularly scheduled dental appointment you can ask them to measure you again.   If the numbers have become smaller, that could be a sign that the Hydro Floss worked for you.
It worked for me personally.  But you can't go by my personal experience because every human body is different.

You see, generally speaking, most dental professionals will say that your gums are healthy if your periodontal pocket depth numbers are at 3mm and below.   Likewise, most professionals will consider your gums to be unhealthy if you have pocketing greater than 3mm.

So, that is how you can tell if the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator  will work for you.

Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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* I speak in general terms only on this site.  Specific questions about your unique dental health situation should be addressed by  your doctor or periodontist.   

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