Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Clay Center Family Dental Care in Clay Center, Kansas Gives A Day Of Free Care!

I love stories like this one, found in's website

This is great.   I really enjoy hearing about stories like this one.

Dr.  Rick Hammel, said that his eyes were opened while doing volunteer work in Belize.  Some patients there were up night after night suffering from dental pain.

This made him aware of the suffering of those outside his socio-economic status.  Now he wishes to give back to the community with a day of free dental care for those in need.

Tomorrow is the day.  That will be April 19th 2013.  

I congratulate Dr. Hammel for doing this work.    

It is sad that so many people, even in the US, go without adequate dental care for lack of funds.   So, it is great that you, Dr. Hammel,  are making a difference!

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Hammel.


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