Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why Are Probiotics For The Mouth Important?

This is an interesting concept that relatively few people are aware of.  The idea of probiotics for the mouth is to shift the bacterial population to a healthier one.

It is a similar concept to probiotics for the gut.  When there is a strong healthy bacterial population, it is much harder for the 'bad' and 'harmful' bacteria and even other organisms to get a foothold.

Yogurt can be beneficial, but there also probiotics created especially for the mouth.   The K-12 strand it one in particular.  People with this type of bacteria rarely suffer from bad breath issues.

The 'bad bactera' (anaerobic in nature) are responsible for cavities, gum disease and even bad breath!
By making the healthy colonies stronger, you might be able to prevent more of the bad ones from getting a foothold.   This is the basic concept of probiotics for the mouth.  

Let me know if this made sense to you.  Tell me if I am correct in assuming probiotics for the mouth is something that you have not heard of before.

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