Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why The HydroFloss Is Good For Your Patients' Dental Health

If you are a dentist or hygienist, you might consider that your patients with periodontal pockets above 3mm should be using the HydroFloss at home.  

You might discover, as this dentist did, that your patients obtain good results.

As you know, for many patients the slippery slope of gum disease is likely to  consume one or more of their teeth.   Arming them with the most effective tool(s) and the knowledge to use them, could provide them an upper hand in the battle to escape the clutches of gum disease.

Wouldn't you be pleasantly surprised to see those pockets shrink by the their next office visit?   I bet you would!

Get a few and give them a test run in your own clinic.    Or, easier for you, just send your patients to this link at  to get their Hydro Floss.  

They can even order by phone:  1-888-586-6849

Afterwards (or before) Be sure To Inform them :  How To Use Their Hydro Floss Effectively To Get The Best Results

The beauty of this machine is that it truly empowers those patients that you care about, especially those who want to improve their dental health but haven't quite figured out how to yet.

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PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath   

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