Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Will The Hydro Floss Help You? Video


Will the Hydro Floss Help You?

Most likely, it will.  But if you have specific questions and don't mind answering a few questions so that I can give you better information suited to you, feel free to call us at the number at the top of your screen.

One Hydro Floss will serve a family of four.  It comes with several color coded jet tips.   Each member of the family can have their own jet tip and the colors keeps them from being mixed up.
If you need more regular tips, you can get them here. 

A Test For You

You can find out if the Hydro Floss will work for you by knowing what your periodontal pocket depths are before you start using it and comparing them to the depths after using it effectively for a solid month.

These numbers are what your dentist and / or hygienist should be measuring at every visit anyway.  You should be able to call them to get your current numbers. 

Generally speaking, 3mm and below is considered good and above that is generally considered a problem.  Your own dentist or hygienist will be able to take these readings and let you know what they are.  These numbers will also help you to see if you have any 'problem areas' to focus on.

Compare the current numbers with those you have after using the Hydro Floss  effectively for a month to find out how  it is working for you. 

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