Saturday, June 8, 2013

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser WP-100

This is the Waterpik Ultra Flosser wp-100 made by waterpik. 

The Ultra Flosser offers 1200 pulses per minute.   It has a pause button on the handle.

The Wp-100 offers a pressure range of 10-90 PSI  (pounds per square inch) with 10 pressure settings.

Flow rate is 400 ml / minute.

UPC: 073950278195

Ultra Flosser Tips

It comes with a number of tips.   Six tips are included with the unit.  The various tips include:  2 'classic' tips,  1 Pik Pocket tip,  1 plaque seeker tip,  1 orthodontic tip, 1 toothbrush tip.  One reviewer stated that he doesn't use the other tips.  There is only 1 'regular' tip which means you will need to purchase additional tips if more than one person wants to use the 'regular tip'.  (calssic tip) 

Oral Irrigation

The Waterpik Ultra Flosser WP-100 is a type of oral irrigator.  Oral irrigators are for shooting a 'jet stream' of water to help clean the teeth and gums of debris.   Periodontal health is very important because gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in the world today.

Only Sold In the US

At the time of this writing, I did find a reference that stated this unit is only sold in the United States.


They designed the machine to be quiet.  Some reviewers also noted that it was quiet.

That's all for the WP-100 by Waterpik - also known as the Ultra Flosser


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