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Friday, August 9, 2019

What's the difference between this unit, and a waterpic...well, besides the price of course?


What's the difference between this unit, and a waterpic...well, besides the price of course?

Answer, thanks for your question.  

The HydroFloss is superior because of the hydromagnetics.   This has been documented in 2 peer reviewed journal articles in the prestigious:  Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  

The two articles are from may of 1993 and April of 1998.  

Both articles showed a significant increase in the amount of plaque and tartar reduction between your regular dental cleanings. 

It is reasonable to conclude that should lead to healthier gums and teeth. 

They are both oral irrigators.   But one produces superior cleaning in clinically documented tests.  These tests were done by independent researchers and not by any company with an interest in selling the HydroFloss.  

If you are on a mobile device, it might be easier to checkout from here instead: 

Finally, I have written on this topic before, you can find that post here: 

Friday, October 4, 2013

How Is The Hydro Floss Different From The Water Pik?

I thought I would share this conversation I recently had with you  and then I'll expound on this topic a little further.  

Question from site visitor: 

Visitor:  What is the difference between the Hydro Floss and my regular water pik which has a lot of attachments?

Me:  Are you happy with your Water Pik?  Is your dentist and hygienist happy with your gum health?  

Visitor:  I love my Waterpik but my periodontist says to continue to use the pik if I want, but he doesn't think they do any good... he just recommends flossing and brushing.

Me:  So, do you still have periodontal issues going on?  

Visitor:  Yes.

Me:  Then, that is the difference.  The Hydro Floss has helped a lot of people, including me, with our periodontal health.  

Visitor:  OK, I will consider it, thank you.

Me:  Can't guarantee it 100% for everyone because we are all different, but it has worked exceptionally well for  a lot of people.  

Well, that's only part of the story..    Have you read my book: How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps yet?  

Visitor:  Starting too.  I will read it.

Me:  Many periodontal treatments are very expensive.

Visitor:  I know it.

Me:  and potentially painful.   The Hydro Floss saved me from a SRP or Scaling and Root Planing Treatment.  -that saved me abut $1500 bucks right there.  

And, I have been able to keep my gums healthy since then.  How much more have I saved?  

Often times, those deep celanings, even laser surgeries, need to be done again in 1 to 3 years.  

I talked to a man last week who told me that his periodontal laser treatment was guaranteed to insure he would never have pockets again.  - that's what he said the dentist performing the procedure told him.   

9 months later, he had deeper pockets again. 



But, how is it  different?

The hydro floss has a magnet in it.  This magnet is mathematically correct according to principles discovered by Michael Faraday - a LONG time ago.

When minerals contained in water pass through the magnet, a charge is placed on them.   That charge causes the plaque and bacteria to become less adhesive and to come off easier.   Studies have shown that this leads to a greater reduction and plaque and tartar build up between regular dental cleanings.

This in turn, often equates to periodontal pockets shrinking .  Generally speaking, most dental practitioners will consider your gums healthy when these periodontal pocket depths are at 3mm or less.   That's the end goal and what you are shooting for.   There is a link on the right sidebar to 'effective hydro floss use'.   That's worth reading to get the most out of this review. 

Get the e-book  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps at no cost.  

Check out the Hydro Floss Now. 


how I avoided a scaling and root planing treatment

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

ultra water flosser by waterpikThe Watperpik Ultra Flosser is one of the best designs that waterpik has come up with.  It is quieter than previous versions and has a lot of conveniences.

For example, it has a tip holder built into the reservoir.  This gives you a convenient place to store your tips that may help you keep track of them.   It's comparatively easy to lose a tip (or two) when they don't have an organized place to rest.

Losing Picks

If you stick them in a drawer or unknowingly knock them off the bathroom sink and then accidentally sweep them off the floor and dispose of them, then they are gone, lost.  The container helps to reduce those negatives.



 Tiny Food Particles Stuck In Your Gums

Water floss irrigation is pretty cool.  If you have never used an irrigator before, you might be surprised that even after a thorough brushing and flossing, you still find particles showing up in the sink.

What kind of trouble are those tiny food particles causing to your dental health when they remain stuck between your teeth and gums for long periods of time?

Gum Disease Is A Real Threat To The Majority Of People

Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss.   Worse, 75% of people, according to dental professionals have some right now.   Making or keeping your gums healthy should be a top priority to you.   You can learn more about shrinking periodontal pocket depths.

I Feel Obligated To Tell You Something

When choosing an oral irrigator, this is a good one.  But there is one step higher.  It wouldn't be right if I didn't tell you about this.  You can read about the power of an irrigator with magnetics here. 

If that doesn't resonate with you, by all means,  get the Ultra Flosser.

Read More About The Ultra Flosser

Read More About Another Flosser That Uses The Power Of A Magnet To Enhance Results

talking about the waterpik ultra water flosserSincerely,

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser WP-100

This is the Waterpik Ultra Flosser wp-100 made by waterpik. 

The Ultra Flosser offers 1200 pulses per minute.   It has a pause button on the handle.

The Wp-100 offers a pressure range of 10-90 PSI  (pounds per square inch) with 10 pressure settings.

Flow rate is 400 ml / minute.

UPC: 073950278195

Ultra Flosser Tips

It comes with a number of tips.   Six tips are included with the unit.  The various tips include:  2 'classic' tips,  1 Pik Pocket tip,  1 plaque seeker tip,  1 orthodontic tip, 1 toothbrush tip.  One reviewer stated that he doesn't use the other tips.  There is only 1 'regular' tip which means you will need to purchase additional tips if more than one person wants to use the 'regular tip'.  (calssic tip) 

Oral Irrigation

The Waterpik Ultra Flosser WP-100 is a type of oral irrigator.  Oral irrigators are for shooting a 'jet stream' of water to help clean the teeth and gums of debris.   Periodontal health is very important because gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in the world today.

Only Sold In the US

At the time of this writing, I did find a reference that stated this unit is only sold in the United States.


They designed the machine to be quiet.  Some reviewers also noted that it was quiet.

That's all for the WP-100 by Waterpik - also known as the Ultra Flosser


Check out / read more about the Ultra Flosser

Learn About The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator 


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Friday, December 28, 2012

HydroFloss Is Different Than A Water Pik

The HydroFloss is Not A Water Pik

Most of my customers are well informed about what a Hydro Floss is and how it is different from a Water Pik (or any other brand of oral irrigator).   Many get the Hydro Floss on the recommendation of their friend or their doctor.

In the case of a friend, it is usually someone who discovered that using the Hydro Floss helped their dental health to improve.   They realize it is saving them money over the long haul by reducing the need for expensive treatments.   Dentists recommend it because they also know that it has a positive affect on periodontal (gum tissue) health.

Since 75% of people, according to dental professionals, have some gum disease,  this becomes ever more important.   Dentists and hygienists are on the front line, they see periodontal issues all the time, probably every day or multiple times per day!

Limit On Pressure

The HydroFloss is limited to 60 PSI an amount that is considered safe for gum tissue.   However, many other brands of oral irrigators go as much as 50% higher.   I've used the HydroFloss for many years now and believe me, the pressure is plenty strong enough.   You don't need more and it is better to be safe than sorry.   The reason the Hydro Floss works so well is: 

The Magnet

The Power of the Hydrofloss comes from its magnet.   The magnet places a charge on minerals that make it easier to reduce plaque and bacteria.    Researchers found that this magnet resulted in a significant reduction of plaque and tartar build up between office visits, when compared with other brands of irrigators.

If it matters to you, this was documented twice in a professional, peer review journal called: The Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  

Why I Bring This Up

As I mentioned before, most customers do understand why the HydroFloss is important to them because they have read the information about it in depth or they have a personal experience or their doctor recommended to them.

I do occasionally run into a customer who doesn't know the difference.   I do not have the heart to say anything negative.   I only bring up this topic because I do occasionally run into a customer who doesn't understand and I would like more people to be aware.

My most recent experience was with a customer who bought a hydrofloss because the man who sits next to him and his wife for all the basketball games (they have season tickets) told them how great the Hydro Floss was.   The wife decided to buy a Hydro Floss.

The man called me and mentioned that he wanted to return the Hydro Floss because they did not realize it was 'like a water pik'.   "Well, sir, it is really not like ... "

I hope by now, you understand why it is not 'like a Water Pik'.   I'm not putting any brands down here.  I am only explaining that there is a difference.    In fact, we may start carrying Water Pik for those customers that really want them.   But I digress...

This post is about the Hydro Floss,  if you want to know more about it, I have put a lot of information on this page. 

I respect all brands.  I am just explaining the differences here between a HydroFloss and other Oral Irrigators.    It seems that many people think of a single brand when they think of an oral irrigator and that brand happens to be Water Pik - which is a credit to their long standing in the marketplace.

In case you are wondering, I still use a Hydro Floss daily and intend to keep on doing so.  

If you are still not clear on the differences,  read this page or call me at 1-888-586-6849 .  You can also read about the customer reviews


David Snape

About The Author

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* I speak in general terms only here.  Specific questions about your own unique dental health situation should be directed to your periodontist or dentist.

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