Friday, August 16, 2013

Family Size Bad Breath Conquering Kit 33% Off

Get 33% Off for A Limited Time  - Offer Expires August 19th 2013 at Midnight CST

Here are the details. 

get 33% off while conquering bad breath
Let's face it.  We have all been turned off by bad breath at one time or another.   I remember smelling Listerine breath from across the room once.  It was not very nice.

I bet you have had some similar experiences.

Frankly, mornings would be better with fresher breath, wouldn't they?



We have to deal with so many people on a daily basis.

It's critically important that we maintain good relations with others.  Whether it be family, friends or work colleagues we need to keep our breath as fresh as possible.

This is a good deal that gives you a lot off while allowing you stock up on great products that use oxygen and pH balance to attack the root cause of the problem.  That's opposed to just covering up smells.

Cover up doesn't last as long as attacking the problem.

Read more about this here. 

use this family sized kit to conquer bad breathSincerely,

(currently clean smelling breath - Snape)

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