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Bottled Alkaline Water Brands Found In Some Stores

Please note, that I talk about both glass bottles and plastic bottle alkaline water in this article.   The glass bottle information is located further down the page.

There are two alkaline bottled water brands that you should be able to find in many convenience stores

Fiji and Evian.  If you look on the bottles you should find a pH of 7 or higher.  Of the two, Fiji is my favorite.   It's expensive, but it sure tastes good - even straight out of its plastic bottle.

I don't know if the bottle that Fiji comes in is BPA free or not.  I suspect they might be because they seem to have a different quality to them than other brands of bottled water.

Evian also sports an above 7 pH making it an alkaline bottled water brand too.   I don't like the taste as much as Fiji.  Fiji tastes and 'feels' refreshing somehow.   It's satisfying.

If you read the history of Fiji, you will find out that it comes from deep underground caverns. Fiji water comes with some healthy minerals too.   I like Fiji the best of the two brands.

You can read more about Fiji water by clicking here.   

However, if you can find alkaline water in glass bottles that would be the best!   These two, unfortunately, come in plastic.

One kind of has a sense of being 'let down' by that.  Most people interested in alkaline water are interested in the alleged health benefits.  That same audience, would NOT be so interested in the plastic bottle that these two brands come in.

I believe I have also found pH 7 or above water in Whole Foods, again in plastic bottles.  I don't remember the exact names.  It would be awesome if they had glass bottles.  But alas, as far as I know - that is not the case.

Glass Bottles

They are out there, but they will be harder to find, particularly in the United States.    However, if you know of any, or find any brands like that, please  leave a comment below that will help other people looking at this page. 

I have been able to find alkaline water in glass bottles in Germany.  The one I like the  most is St. Bernhard ( going by memory on that one).  It's the most awesome water I have ever tasted coming out of a container.  

It seems to come from a very pure and pristine spring with a naturally high pH.   I have seen only a couple of other bottled water brands in Germany that have a pH above 7.  I suspect they are bottled by the same company as the one noted above.

On a side note: Germans tend to like there water with 'gas' or 'bubbles' - unfortunately that also makes the water acidic and not alkaline.   It's the same type of 'gas' that gives colas their "fizz".   So, that's out - at least for me.

If you are in Germany and don't want water with like that, always ask for "stilles wasser"  which translates to 'still water'.   That way you will avoid carbonated water.   It's getting easier to find still water in Germany but it's just not as popular as the carbonated or 'with bubbles' water.  

As mentioned previously, a brand of bottled water that is alkaline is definitely going to brag about it on the label.  So, if you don't find any pH information on the label of a bottle, you can safely assume that it is NOT alkaline. 

What Has Been Theorized About Water and Proper pH Testing

Water, should, technically speaking have a pH of 7.  Pure water and nothing else should be at 7.  However, much of the water we have today is not.   Some is much lower.  

If you are going to test water yourself, such as your tap water or any other water that you have access to, please keep in mind this important point: 

You cannot accurately test the pH of water with pH testing strips.  It just simply gives you an erroneous reading.   You need testing DROPS that are specifically made for this purpose.   

In addition, these drops should not be OLD.  If they are more than 3 months old, they may not be able to accurately reveal the pH of your water.  Get new testing drops and don't use strips - IF you are after accurate readings.  

Water And Health

There is an interesting book out there that describes water as a cure for many problems.  The premise of the book (and many like it) is that most of us are chronically dehydrated.

The specific book that I'm thinking of, describes the experiences of an Iranian doctor who had been imprisoned (probably for some invalid political reasons).   As I remember it, he described the case of a young fellow prisoner who was doubled over in pain.

The doctor had nothing to help him with besides offering him water.   Something amazing happened.  After drinking a little water, the guy's pain went away completely.   This got the doctor to thinking and experimenting.   He discovered that water was a good treatment for many ailments.

He obviously, didn't say in prison forever because he did write a book about it.  I tried to find that exact book I was thinking of for you, but I was unable to.   But, here are many other books on the same topic.  

Perhaps water has been underrated regarding it's curative properties?

Alkaline Water And Health

There is a lack of scientific finding in this are for obvious reasons.  There is no money behind funding studies that discover alkaline water is good for ailments.   

However, there are many, many voices from scientists, doctors and others who 'believe in' the power of alkaline water for health.   You are encouraged to do your own research.  

Yet, if you are here on this page, it's very likely you have already made up your own mind or you wouldn't be seeking information about bottled alkaline water.  

Given that 'pure' water is pH neutral at 7.  It makes sense that there could be some benefit to higher than 7.   At the very least, it seems reasonable to avoid lower than 7.   That is - if you believe anything about water, health and alkalinity.  

Everyone else, is encouraged to do their own research and come to their own conclusions!    Basically, I just want to sidestep the problem of this page becoming the argument center for pro and anti alkaline water voices!   

But, having said that, you may comment on this page below and share your experiences, insights and anything else you would like to about alkaline water and in particular, brands of alkaline water that are easily accessible to people.  

Alternative to Buying Bottled Alkaline Water But Still Getting Higher pH Water

This 'alternative' is also cheaper than buying bottle after bottle of alkaline water.  It also has the added benefit of being useful for on-the-go busy lifestyles.   You can take this container with you and make regular water alkaline in about 15 minutes.

So, if you happen to hit a convenience store while you are driving on a long trip and discover they don't carry Fiji or Evian, you can just grab what they do have.  Then you can put it in your container and shake it up.  In about 15 minutes the water will be 'alkalized'.

You can check out these portable containers here.    They are also available on Amazon

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