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Oral Irrigator Remedies

When talking about an oral irrigator remedy, you are most likely interested in improving some aspect of dental health.  

In particular, an oral irrigator is helpful in keeping the teeth and gums cleaner and (hopefully) healthier.

There are many oral irrigators on the market but which one is best at obtaining the above stated goal?

The HydroFloss is.  And I will explain why.  Read on...

Why Is The HydroFloss The Best Oral Irrigator?

There is no oral irrigator on the market today, that I am aware of, than can produce the results that the HydroFloss can.    

I have my own personal experience with it and I've talked to many customers over the years.  Their experiences are similar to mine.

Read further to fully understand the power of the right  oral irrigator. 

Gum Disease is the Biggest Problem To Avoid

You may have come this page because you want to do a better job at preventing cavities and that is fine and a very good idea.   

Yet, gum disease is by far the biggest reason why people lose their teeth - whether they know they have it or not.   Not knowing is often the case.  

The HydroFloss helped me, personally, to shrink my periodontal pockets.   I was facing an expensive treatment from my dentist which I put off for over a year because I was looking for a better answer. 

I Made Many Attempts to Improve My Gum Health (Before Finding A Remedy That Worked) 

I tried many things but my dentist would confirm each time that nothing was better and I still needed her expensive and potentially painful treatment - that could also lead to gum recession (although she left out that part - I looked it up).  

The only objective measurement for gum health is what is called "periodontal pocket depths".   Mine were above 3 mm which is considered unhealthy (basically gum disease) by most dental professionals.  

You want them to be at or below 3mm.   That was my problem.  I was above 3.   Of course, there are other symptoms that may or may not appear.  That is why this measurement is important to you.  

As I was saying,  I tried many things.  Nothing worked.  I would get the dreaded news every time I went back to the dentist. 

There was one exception to that drama.   After I started using the HydroFloss my dentist was shocked.  Judging by the look on her face (and that of her hygienist) they were both in disbelief.  I was able to make my gums healthy again by using the HydroFloss.  

Why Is The HydroFloss Better Than The Others?  

The HydroFloss does something very special that other irrigators do not do.  It employs the use of a magnet to polarize the minerals that are in the water that flows through the device and into your mouth, washing away debris.   

The ionization of the minerals, in the correct manner, causes the plaque and bacteria to come off your teeth and gums better.  This gives your body a chance to heal itself.    This is why I think my periodontal pockets shrunk back to normal and why my dentist was surprised. 

The HydroFloss has been clinically shown to improve the reduction of plaque and tartar buildup between your regular cleanings.  This was demonstrated twice in the peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Periodontology. 

This, in a nutshell is why the HydroFloss is better, superior, the best - whichever superlative you want to use to describe it.  

You Need To Know How To Use It To Optimal Effect

There is a 'best practice' to using the HydroFloss that maximizes the chances for success.  In this case success is measured by your periodontal pockets shrinking and your dentist informing you that your gums are healthy. 

I share this 'best practice' with those who purchase a hydrofloss from   There is no additional cost beyond a purchase of the HydroFloss from   

You need only request a phone consultation (free with purchase of the HydroFloss)  and I'll be glad to get on the phone and chat with you, answer your questions and I will likely be able to provide you with a good amount of information you may not have been aware of.   

Anyway,  the HydroFloss is the best.  And I'll also be glad to tell you how to get the most out of it under the single condition that you purchase your HydroFloss from  

-David for  
PS: you can use the above link or order by phone, same promise holds.

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