Monday, August 6, 2018

Gums Are Receding - Can You Grow Back Lost Gum Tissue?


My gums are receding, I can send you a pic. What is best to grow back gums. No bleeding but receding.


Receding gums won't normally 'grow' back.  You may need gum grafts from a periodontist if you have significant tissue loss.  If the bone underneath is destroyed, they can often repair that as well through various techniques. 

You are definitely going to need help from a good periodontist if your gums have receded to the point that it is either bothering you or it is a real problem.   

Sometimes a tiny bit will come back if you keep the area very clean.  But it is not usually much to speak of.  

If you arrest the gum disease process, that should also help to stop the recession from progressing, but it won't bring the receded gum tissue back again.  

The other major cause of recession besides gum disease is brushing too hard.  Make sure you are not doing that.  
Go see the periodontist for help on the recession if you want or must have lost tissue back.  

My favorite pick for taking care of our gums and teeth at home while working with your dental professional: 

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