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Saturday, September 28, 2013

HydroFloss Video Playlist

There are plenty of videos in this series.  So, sit back and learn.   You will hear about people who have derived great benefit from the Hydro Floss.  You will also learn tips and secrets to get the most out of your Hydro Floss as well as the most enjoyable experience.

Keep in mind that your dental health is precious.  You do not want to squander it.   Gum disease is the number one reason that people lose their teeth.  Dental health professionals tell us that about 75% or 3 out of every 4 people have some gum disease right now.

If you can save yourself from even one lost tooth, you can save a LOT of money.   Multiply that by the number of teeth (still) in your mouth.

You can see that the power to save is tremendous.  In addition,  if you are able to keep your gums healthy perhaps you can avoid other expensive treatments such as deep cleanings and gum surgery (including laser).

All the procedures that treat gum disease are usually pretty expensive.   But prevention is worth many dollars to you in the long run.   Don't squander those savings.

If you have any questions about this amazing tool that they call the Hydro Floss, call us at 1-888-586-6849.   Many hygienists and dentists now recommend this device to their patients.   \

In addition to the potential monetary savings you migh enjoy from using this machine, think about all the pain, recovery time and medication you might avoid as well!    These are just some of the reasons that you should want a Hydro Floss for yourself.   I bet you can think of some other ones too!

Many customers are delighted to hear that their periodontal pockets have shrunk and that their gums have become healthier.  In fact, I have personally had a very similar experience.

Don't delay consider getting a Hydro Floss for yourself and your family today.   4 regular jet tips that come with each machine can server a family of four.  If you have more than 4 people in your family, you can obtain an extra set of 4 regular jet tips, here on this site.

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hydro floss video play list
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Question: Which is Better? Camtasia or Screenflow for Mac

I'm looking for someone who can tell me if Screenflow is worth trying out?

I have been using Camtasia for a few years now and I'm not sure if I should spend the money to checkout ScreenFlow4 or not?

Have you tried both of them?

Here is what they look like in the App Store.

1.  Camtasia  - What I'm currently using.

2. Screenflow - What I'm thinking about trying.

Since of been using Camtasia and it seems to work ok, I'm not sure if I should check out Screenflow or not.  However, if Screenflow is really a lot better and worth using instead, please let me know. 

If you have experience with one or both of these, please leave me a comment below. 

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David Snape
Author:  What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rude Comments on Youtube Video - Should I Remove Them Or Let Them Stay?

Warning:  If you do not want to see / read nasty language, do NOT click on the links to the video below

There is no profanity on this page however and it is safe. 

youtube video was spammed with rude comments
There was some very rude comments left on one of my Youtube videos.    

You can check them out here. 

I'm at a bit of a loss on this one.  Should I let the comments stay or should I remove them? 

If you think I should get rid of them, please let me know.

If you think they should stay, let me know that too.

I am really not sure what to do.  Does it really matter if someone leaves rude comments on my video?    There is even a little profanity in there.  

On the one hand,  it is not very nice to leave them.  On the other hand, should I remove them? 

That's the question.  

Any thoughts? 

PS:  If you see that the comments are gone by the time you read this, then you will know what I decided. 

rude comments left on video youtube


  (no longer on vacation)

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Video Taken In Venice and Florence. Cool Stuff to See

I took these pictures about 4 years ago and put them together into one video using iMovie on my Mac.   Enjoy:


venice and florence pictures on video


  (no longer on vactaion)

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Painting On The Wall Of The Pompejanum

I thought this painting was an interesting one, so I captured it on video for you, be sure to let me know what you think.


So, what is a Pompejanum?   It is a building in Aschaffenburg, Germany.  It was built by a former Kaiser or king of Germany.   It appears to be a tribute to the city of Pompeii, which was destroyed by a volcano. 

There are some artifacts from Pompeii as well as sculptured busts of famous Romans and Emperors.

If you enjoyed this video, do let me know. 

pompejanum video

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Video: Johannisburg Castle

This was taken near the Pompejanum in Aschaffenburg.  It was a beautiful day and the scene is very picturesque.

Let me know what you think about this video.

Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

PS:  you may also want to take a look at this while you are here.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Camtasia For Mac Video Tutorials

Camtasia for Mac is a program for making and editing videos.  I find it a lot less complicated than some other programs and yet, very functional.

If you have a Mac, you can get it from the Mac Store here.


Here are some Camtasia tutorials I made to show you how easy it is to work with


Using Camtasia


Separating Audio From Video

Check it out on the app store 

Add Text Water Mark To Your Video

Check it out on the app store 

I hope you found this information to be both useful and helpful.  

Leave a comment below if that is the case.  

Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rose: The Hamburger Deern Teehybride Kordes


This rose video was taken, I believe, on July 2nd 2013.   It was definitely taken in a Rose Garden in Hessen, Germany.  :)   

I started a community where you can see other rose videos like this one.   They are different kinds of roses and different colors.   If you like roses, perhaps these videos will warm your heart. 



Friday, March 8, 2013

Gum Disease Treatment Video

This is a video on the post I wrote earlier entitled:  Gum Disease Treatment.

Here is the video:  (leave your comments and thoughts below)

Here is the link to the full post:  

Do not foolishly believe that gum disease is something you should not be concerned about.  The fact is MOST people have some gum disease.   Since it is the leading cause of lost teeth, it is not something you want to fool around with.

Do not join the ranks of people who have lost teeth and had dentures and implants installed and still don't know the reason they lost their teeth was due to gum disease! 

As many doctors are fully aware:  Many people are headed for expensive periodontal (gum) treatments and they just don't know it.   Look at the office lobby of any periodontist and you will understand how widespread this problem is.

Next:  Read The Full Article Now


PS: Scoop up your free guides on fighting 1. gum disease and 2. bad breath

Friday, January 4, 2013

Aktiv Oxigen Drops Are Cool

AktivOxigen is a concentrated solution that comes in d dropper bottle.   You should mix it with water or fruit juice.   You can also add it to your Hydro Floss (just 8 drops).

Oxygen is the bane of anearobic bacteria.  Those are the ones who cause us dental health problems like bad breath, gum disease and cavities.   Their acid byproducts (waste) are the problem.

Turns out, these 'bad bacteria' do not like oxygen.   Therefore, oxygen turns out to be our friend.   Obviously, we need it to breath.  But many alternative health care people really believe in the power of oxygen.     A home ozone generator is another source of oxygen.

One bottle of this potent AktivOxigen serum can make about 60 doses of mouthwash for you - just follow the instructions that come with it.

It is vegan approved and has NOT been tested on animals.  Aktiv-Oxigen is also Kosher certified.

Aktiv-Oxigen is a CL02 - no flavor added.  Use only about 8 drops to make a mouthrinse or for use in your Hydro Floss.

It is also available in 3 Pak form.

I once had a customer tell me he obtained great results from this for a difficult dental health problem he was facing.  I won't go into details about his private information.   But, I mention it to let you know that people do believe it has been greatly beneficial to them.


David Snape

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