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Sunday, March 3, 2013

French Kiss Chewing Gum

French Kiss Chewing Gum was created for exactly what its name sake hints at.   If you know you are going to be in close contact with that significant other or that interesting possibility,  then you may want this gum.

This goes beyond candies that cover smells with other smells.  This gum's goal is to neutralize bad breath odors.   It uses the power of:  xylitol, calcium peroxide, zinc gluconate, and dicalcium phosphate as well as a pH neutralizer.

The power of oxygen and the pH neutralizer are where the 'secret sauce' is.  You won't find these things in other gums.  That's because this gum is special.

Dr. Katz has made a career out of fighting bad breath.   He uses methods that attack the root cause.  So this gum lasts even after the flavor is gone.

Other gums cover up smells.  This gum attacks them.  

This makes it possible for you to enjoy that next kiss without fear.  

This gum, in addition to protecting your personal life, could also improve your business relationships as well.  Just pop a piece whenever needed - perhaps before that next meeting.   

You can read more about this chewing gum here.    

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Author:  What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bad Breath Tablet Contains Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll - Not New To Natural Healers

I just read a blog post on a certain site about a 'bad breath tablet'  that is said to 'cure' bad breath.  The secret ingredient: Chlorophyll.

I object to the word cure.  Those bacteria are never going to go away completely.  So few respectable physicians use the word cure today because they know that very few things fit the criteria of being a cure.  The maker of this product is probably not aware of this key concept in health care.

The article seemed to indicate that chlorophyll having health properties is a new discovery.  I think people have known about the benefits of chlorophyll for a very, very long time.   Part of the power of wheat grass is the chlorophyll.

Phytochemicals is another name for 'plant chemicals'.  And there are literally thousands or perhaps millions of them. They have all kinds of uses and properties including healthy ones! 

Did you know that many prescriptions drugs today are synthetic and slightly altered copies of naturally occurring plant chemicals?   They have to alter them slightly because mother nature cannot be patented, but a synthetic, slightly altered chemical can be.

Eat your veggies and eat your fruits!   

"An Apple Per Day, ..."  



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