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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Love Your Dental Hygienist

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They really are the unsung heroes of dental care.  

dental hygienists are the unsung heroes of dental health!


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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love Your Dental Hygienist - Video


Really, I think it is true.  Dental Hygienists are the unsung heroes.  Theirs is often a thankless job.  Yet, what they do is vitally important to your ongoing dental health.    

If you know a hygienist, please consider taking a moment to call him or her to let them know that you appreciate them for what they do!   Too shy to do that?   Then, you can just email this page to them and let the video tell him or her for you1  


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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bill To Upgrade Hygienists' Licensure in The State of Main

Here is the story link to Press Herald

This is a very interesting development.  The article says there is a shortage in 15 counties in Maine and that 55% of children lack access to dental care.

Wow, that's a shocker.  No wonder they want to do something about that.   If you are a dental hygienist, this might be a good time to consider relocation.

I wish the story specified exactly what the newly empowered hygienists' scope of work will be.  But there was no mention of that.   It is also doesn't tell us if there will be additional training offered to those hygienists.

The bill is being sponsored by Mark Eves (House Speaker)  and Rep. Anne-Marie Mastraccio ( a former dental hygienist)   

I wonder what it is about Maine that they have a shortage of dentists?   If you understand the situation and have commentary, please provide it in the comment section below.


And don't forget about prevention as well.  Many expensive dental procedures could be avoided in the first place, if patient's were more educated about prevention.   My favorite.   


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PPS: prevention can also help a lot in reducing an individual's or family's health care costs.  My favorite prevention tool. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dental Hygienists ARE The Heroes of Dental Health Care


Dental Hygienists are definitely worthy of praise.  The work they do is so very important to your dental health.  It would be difficult to imagine a world without them. 

If you would like to thank or recognize a dental hygienist, please use this form to do so. 
Please provide as much detail as you can.  Your name and city are also required.  

Let's do our part to thank those who have served us and helped us with our dental health!  They really are unsung heroes and are deserving of praise and recognition for what they do!  


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