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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can You Do Anything About 8 - 10 mm Periodontal Pockets?

Imagine this scenario:  You have been told by your dentist or hygienist that you have deep periodontal pockets.  Some are as deep as 8-10 mms.

They tell you that you need to have a 'deep cleaning' or SRP (Scaling and Root Planing Treatment)  Check out the average cost on these. 

So, you start to figure out that you need to get your periodontal pockets down to 3mm or less to be considered 'healthy'.

That seems like quite a jump from 8 or 10 mms to 3, doesn't it? tips were specially designed to aid in this purpose.   Of course, no guarantee can be made because every human body is different.

But the tool that goes along with these tips, has helped a number of people shrink their pockets.

You can always find out for sure, but having your periodontal pockets measured again at your next office visit.  Then you can compare the new results to the old.   If they are getting smaller or have completely shrunk to that 3mm or less level,  I guess you have been doing something right!

Check out these tips now.



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big Coupon Sale On PerioTherapy Mouthwash

Today's Date is March 19th 2013.  This sale is set to automatically end in on March 21st 2013 at midnight. 

This sale is for a 20 Pack of Perio Therapy mouthwash.   The normal  manufacturer list price is $280, but our regular price is $213.

Now, with coupon toothy25, you can take an additional $25 off your purchase for a total price of  $188.  

Since the purchase amount is over $25, you will also receive free shipping on this order.  (In the United States only)

You can do the math, this is a huge savings over the manufacturer list price of $280  - that's normally $14 per bottle of this oxygenated, pH balanced special mouthwash.

You can read more about it here:

Because this is such a huge savings, we cannot afford to run this sale for very long.  Therefore, it ends on March 21st. 2013 at midnight.

You do not have much time.

Use the above coupons , toothy25 to check out.   Special note:  Coupon toothy25 is good for this product only  (20 pack of periotherapy mouthwash).   This coupon expires at midnight on March 21st 2012.    So hurry.   You may also order by phone by calling the above number and mentioning this coupon code.

* There is a video below to show you how to use coupon codes at checkout.


PS:   If you missed this sale, don't fret,  you can find our everyday coupons here:   

PPS:  Prevention is powerful!  This info is free

How To Use Coupons At Toothy Grins Store