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What You Should Know About Gum Disease - Part 11

What You Should Know About Gum Disease Part 11 On Video

This book is available in its entirety here.

Information about gum disease remains fairly basic.

1. About 75% of people have some form of it right now.  (This is according to dental professionals)

2. Gum Disease is the number one cause of Tooth Loss!

It Saddens Me That People Don't Know

There are people who have lost teeth, have implants or dentures and still may be entirely unaware that the problem was caused by gum disease.

This is the reality however.  If you think about it, this makes sense.

75%  equates to 3 out of every four people!   That means if you line yourself up with 10 of your friends 7 or 8 of you have gum disease! 

Yet, most people are very quick to jump on the "I am not one of them"  band wagon.    They just don't know or do not believe they are part of the 75%.   Everyone cannot be in the other 25%.


Misunderstandings Abound

Many people think that their dentist has said they are ok or whatever.   However, that could be a misunderstanding.    Sometimes, ok just means:  "We don't need to take any action right now".

But, when it is time to take action, it can be quite costly and expensive.   And one is surprised with the pronouncement that they do indeed have gum disease.

Gingivitis IS gum disease.   This is another misconception.   Gum disease, gingivitis, periodontal disease, these are all different stages of the SAME disease process.   They are all gum disease.

They all require attention.  While it is true that the damage in gingivitis is reversible, the line between gum disease and gingivitis can be crossed at any moment.  Do any of us know when that exact moment is?

So, all of it requires immediate attention.

Save Money, Time And Pain

 Gum surgeries and tooth (or teeth) replacements are costly.  There can be pain involved and your time of going to the office, having the work done and then recovery are all important chunks of your life.  

Why not avoid all of that in the beginning.   Learn all that you can about this VERY common problem.  Start to protect your family and yourself today.

Start by reading the book : What You Should Know About Gum Disease - The Layman''s Guide to Fighting Gum Disease    - you can get it here:


David Snape


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* I speak in general terms only.  Specific questions about your unique health situation should be directed towards your periodontist or doctor.   They can provide advice, diagnosis and treatment, no website can do that.    But, you can do your shopping at

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