Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How Old Is Your HydroFloss?

Question From A Potential Customer:  How Old Is Your Hydro Floss?

This is a question that I received this morning:  What year model is your Hydrofloss?

Today's date is January 29th 2013.  Here was my reply to this inquiry:

Hi [name removed]

We have the current model.  Our latest stock came in less than 60 days ago.   (and probably less  than that actually).

Here is a link to our Hydro Floss:


If you have any further questions, please do write or call:


David Snape

PS:  We definitely have the latest Hydro Floss.   

PPS: The Hydro Floss has not changed much in 25 years.   There has been nothing more than minor changes.   Essentially, it is the same machine as back in the late '80s.  (And the reason there is no need for changes is because it works!)

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