Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hydro Floss DVD

The Hydro Floss DVD

It is true that many years back, the hydrofloss oral irrigator used to ship with a DVD - well not really, it was a CD Rom.    But, that is not the case any longer.  Brand new Hydro Floss units do not ship with videos any more.

There actually are DVDs available and we have some.  We will gladly include one in with your new hydro floss purchase upon request.   Best thing to do is either order over the phone at 888-586-6849, or when you order over the Internet, there is a note section at checkout, you can put a note there for us.

We will only do this for new purchases and only while they are available.

However, I can give you access to the videos that are on those discs right now.  

You'll find them both on this page:   

Just scroll down the page until you find them.

One is an education video and the other is a 'care and use' video.   You can learn from both of them.

If you want to get written information (very different than what is in the videos) about getting the most out of your Hydro Floss, you can simply  have this free report:  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps 

The report is only about 25 or so pages long.  It explains what gum disease is in very easy to understand terms and briefly.   The rest is about how to get the MOST out of your Hydro Floss and how to measure your results (very important).   With this knowledge you may be empowered and have a much better chance to achieve better gum health!

The results will be measured by your hygienist or dentist but this report will help you understand what the numbers mean to you and whether you need to focus on improvement or if you can breathe a little easier.

Questions?  Call me at 1-888-586-6849

I hope you found this information to be helpful.  


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PS:  If you don't already have an understanding of the Hydro Floss :  Learn more here. 

Customer Reviews.

* I speak in general terms only, specific questions about your unique dental health situation should be directed to your dentist or periodontist. 

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