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Cost of The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

The normal cost of the Hydro Floss is $98. If a person or business is selling them lower than that, then you have to be suspicious. Is it a real Hydro Floss? Does the manufacturer support it?

There are standards for those authorized to sell the Hydro Floss.   And no one is allowed to advertise a price lower.  As I said, if they do, then you may want to ask yourself if the company or person doing that is legit. 

 $98 Is Cheap Compared To Your Potential Savings

What is really important though, is what a REAL Hydro Floss can do for you.   I will give you my personal experience as an example.:

The dentist and hygienist I was visiting around 2005 or so where really pushing a SRP treatment (Scaling and Root Planing).   The cost on average for full mouth treatment is $1600.   And this treatment ofetn has to done again in a few years because the underlying issues may not be addressed.

I was also told that upon gettting this treatment, my regular cleanings would have to be special ones from that point on.  And of course, that meant greater expense. 

I had to wonder what that meant for my gum tissue.  Was there something wrong with this procedure?

I was certain that was not the best thing for me.  But everything I tried only had minimal effect.   

Finally, I started using a Hydro Floss.   After 5 months of regular use I went back.  This time I was delighted to see the shock on the faces of  the dentist and the Hygienist.   I had won the battle against gum disease.    My pocket depths had improved.

The denstist said,  "Whatever you are doing, keep it up.  You don't need that treatment now."


$98 had immediately saved me $1600 plus ongoing care costs.   And keeping my gums healthy has and will continue to save me tons more in the future.   I was only in my mid 30s at that time, so you can imagine how much more treatment I would have needed into old age.   Not anymore.

I know what to do to keep my gums healthy and the savings on my initial 'investment' continue to add up.

Now imagine that saving X4  for a family of four people.  One hydro floss can be used by the whole family.  It comes with 4 color coded jet tips.   If your family is bigger than four people, you can get some additional tips inexpensively. 

A single machine can serve a large family.

A single machine can save you a LOT of money.   If your situation was like mine, then it can do so almost immediately.   The long term savings are also something  that are quite immense.

Read more about the Hydro Floss now.

Pocket Pal Jet Tips

One additional item worth considering is the pocket pal jet tips.   They don't cost a lot but they can perhaps help you to an even greater extent.   You can read about the Pocket Pals here. 

Keep in mind that when I speak about these things, I do so in general terms only.  If you have a specific question about your unique dental health situation, those questions should be directed to your periodontist or dentist.


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