Thursday, June 20, 2013

HydroFloss Review - Keeps Gums Healthy And Clean

Hydro Floss Review Keeps Gums Healthy

Dana Writes (HydroFloss Review posted on January 5th 2013 to the site) :

" This is my second Hydro Floss. The first was purchased from my dentist in 1999. It worked great up to December 2012.  This is an amazing device that keeps my gums healthy and teeth clean. The only downside that I observed is that it's louder than my first unit."  

Thanks for letting us know about your Hydro Floss Experience Dana. 

I'm glad that you feel it is doing a great job for your dental health. 

I would like to address the issue of the 'loudness'.   This is very easy to deal with.  Most people don't mind the sound, but a few do.  So, the easy fix is to fold up a hand towel and put it under your Hydro Floss.  This works great!  The sound 'loudness' comes right down.   

Thank you for shopping at and we look forward to serving you more in the future as well. 


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