Monday, June 1, 2015

Alkaline Water Resources For You

I've written about portable alkaline water makers quite a bit on this site.  I thought I would put together a resource page to make it easier to find some of the information:

Portable Alkaline Water Makers  - On this page you'll find 5 different color variations:  black, silver, red, blue and pink.  You can order multiple quantities of each if you would like to.  For example it is easy to order 2 or more of any single color.  However, if you need to mix and match colors, it would be best to enter a separate order for each color.  If you prefer, you can also call your order in so that every color can be combined into one order.

Here is a video and post about the convenience of portable alkaline water.  It's a lot easier to have alkaline water than it used to be.  But the added convenience of being able to make alkaline water on-the-fly should not be underestimated.  It's a lot easier to grab your portable maker and carry it with you then to have to be bound to a more-or-less stationary location.

Are you a believer in Alkaline water?   I go into some of the ideas that people hold about alkaline water.  I don't take sides and I don't try to convince anyone.  I'm just sharing some of the ideas that people have ABOUT alkaline water.

Making Alkaline water inexpensively -  Here I discuss the ease and convenience of making alkaline water at home again.  There are two alternatives here.  The portable maker is one of those alternatives but you also have the more semi-portable pitcher.  I say "semi" because you could conceivably take it with you in a mobile home while traveling.  However, it is a little big and not nearly as convenient as the portables.

The power of inexpensive alkaline water -  This was one of the earlier posts I wrote about alkaline water that kind of underscores the benefits of being able to make it at home.   It seemed to be a page that people enjoyed reading.

Make your own  - This is a video that is a little more visual.  Actually, this is one of those whiteboard videos.  It is a great way to share information and underscore important points.  I hope you enjoy watching it.  It was fun and interesting to make.

Dispenser for Alkaline Water - This is another page where I discuss the advantages of having inexpensive and portable alkaline water compared to those old expensive machines that costs thousands of dollars.   That was then, this is now!

Making Alkaline Water With Lemons   -   This is actually a completely false notion.  When you add lemon juice to water, you are making an acidic solution and it is very much NOT good for your dental health.   What this stems from is people believing that lemon juice helps to alkalize the body.  If it does that, it is AFTER digestion and not before.  That means that the harmful acid is coming in contact with your teeth and oral tissues.

Creating alkaline water without a machine!   This is similar to the above topics.  You can also find a handy link to one of the portables on Amazon.

Do you know what natural healers say?   - some thoughts about what some natural doctors say about alkaline water. This is a good read if you like natural health care at all.

On Amazon - While I would prefer that you shop and checkout on our site,  I understand that some people like Amazon.

Alkaline Water Videos - These videos discuss both the portable model as well as the in-home pitcher (great for the whole family to have access to alkaline water).

Alkaline water pitcher replacement filters  - this is a 3 pack of replacement filters for the Alkaline water pitcher

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