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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Reviews On The Best Oral Irrigator

Recently, I heard from two customers.  Both had spent a great deal of time researching what was the best oral irrigator.

In both cases the customers stated that they had spent over a week looking at various irrigators and researching intensively.

In both cases, they decided on this. 

Here are some of the reviews in video format that you can find on the best oral irrigator.

You can Read more of them here.  

 Read more reviews here. 

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best oral irrigator reviews

Monday, September 30, 2013

HydroFloss Customer Review Videos

The Customer Reviews 

If you have questions, you can try live chat, if it is open.  You can find the live chat to the bottom right hand side of your screen when open. 
Otherwise,  you can call the number at the top of your screen for assistance via telephone.  
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Where Can I Find HydroFloss Customer Reviews?

Question:  Where Can I Find HydroFloss Customer Reviews? 

Answer:  You can find quite a few real customer reviews about the Hydro Floss here.  

About the Hydro Floss

hydrofloss customer reviews page.The Hydro Floss is one of the most powerful tools that you can use for your home dental care.   When used effectively,  you have a good chance to reduce your periodontal pocket depths.   This is a key indicator that many dental professionals use to determine whether you have gum disease or not.

Generally speaking, if your dentist or hygienist measures your periodontal pockets to be at 3mm or less, they will usually consider your gumd healthy at that point.  That would be great news to hear!

Conversely, if your periodontal pocket depths are above 3mm, generally speaking, your dental professional will likely consider your gums to be unhealthy.   Gum disease is a big problem that affects about 75% of people (according to many dental professionals).  That being the case, you wouldn't be alone in having a problem.

When you use your Hydro Floss properly, you give yourself the best chance to reduce those depths.  What you do at home, of course, is the most important aspect of your dental health.   We can only visit the dentist a few times per year.  But the daily struggle to gain or maintain dental health mostly occurs at home.

Therefore, what you do at home, really is the most critical.  Most dental professionals will agree with that.   Yes, they can help to clean up the plaque and tartar buildup that you failed to prevent,  but again, they can only do that a few times per year.   The rest, is up to you.

Proper use of your Hydro Floss will give you the maximal chance to reduce those pocket depths.   Nothing can work 100% of the time for 100% of the people.  But the proper use guidelines give you the best chance for the best results.  

Fortunately,  the results can be measured by your dentist or hygienist.  This will give you the proof (or lack thereof) that the Hydro Floss is working for you. 


Questions may be answered by submitting them here.   You can also call 1-888-586-6849 to seek answers to your questions.  You might be very surprised at what you learn and discover.  This is a free service (at the time of this writing),  so take full advantage while it is still free.

It's not easy to get worthwhile information.  But when you find some, it is sometimes worth its weight in gold.

hydro floss customer reviewsSincerely,

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hydro Floss Referred To As An Essential Item

This is a review posted to Toothy Grins Store about the Hydro Floss.   See All Reviews.

hydro floss customer review

In this review, the customer refers to the Hydro Floss as an essential item. 

I am so very delighted to hear that because it means this particular customer 'gets it'.   This IS an essential machine that could provide benefit to at least 75% of the people walking around on this Earth.

I keep talking about this machine for two reasons.  One reason is selfish and the other reason is slightly less so. 

Don't worry too much about the first reason.  Here is the second reason: 

The second reason is that it is one thing that I know from personal experience PLUS conversations with many people that has helped a LOT of people with their dental health.  That includes me. 

Read more here


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customer review of the hydrofloss

Monday, June 24, 2013

HydroFloss Review : Dennis' Experience With The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

Hydro Floss review by Dennis

You can read more reviews here.

You can read more about the HydroFloss here. 

This is an important machine that many dentists and hygienists recommend to their patients.

If you would like to help trying to figure out if this is what you really need,  give us a call at 1-888-586-6849.  This is a no obligation phone conversation to help you explore whether this is right for you.

I think every family should have one of these and I've heard at least one dental professional say the same thing.   I'm sure there are more.  As I mentioned before many dental practitioners are recommending the Hydro Floss to their patients.

It's also been documented to do a better job of reducing plaque and tartar build up between your regular office visits than other irrigators.  There were 2 peer reviewed professional journal studies done on this machine in The Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  Both studies showed a statistically significant greater amount of plaque and tartar build up with the magnetic technology as opposed to without it.

If you want to do the most for your teeth and gums at home, it may be time that you added the HydroFloss to your daily routine.  


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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Video Commentary: Her Hydro Floss Works Just As Well As Her Dentist Predicted


Thanks for watching.  Thank you Linda for providing a great customer review.  We are very glad that you are delighted with your Hydro Floss and look forward to helping you for many years to come. 

Everyone is welcome to comment, ask questions or even criticize in the comment section below.  


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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013

Randy's HydroFloss Review


Thanks to Randy and the many other reviewers who have taken the time to leave a review about the Hydro Floss.  


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Lynne's Hydro Floss Review - Video

There you have it, Lynne's review.   Follow the link above to find more customer reviews relating to the Hydro Floss.  

Lynne writes:  

"I purchased this based upon a recommendation from a friend.  I (potentially) needed to have a root canal revised.  I had to postpone that due to developing the flu.  I am certainly not advocating abandoning advice from a dentist, but my experience was that after three days of using the Hydrofloss, along with the PerioTherapy Oral Rinse, the infection I had developed subsided and the tooth sensitivity I had developed disappeared.  I will be following up with my dentist -- but  I believe the resolution was causational and not simply consequetial.   I think fair warning should be given that even when you think you are adequately brushing and flossing, you may be surprised at what this flushes out from around the gumline.  The difference is significant."   


I hear something similar to that second to last sentence from many Hydro Floss customers.   I'm glad that Lynne is happy with her Hydro Floss!    And it is always important to work with your dentist.  They can confirm your results too.


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More to Read: 


Saturday, May 25, 2013

HydroFloss Review Randy Loves His Hydro Floss

Randy sent his review in way back in July of 2011, you can also find newer reviews here. 

hydro floss review by randy

You see folks,  many of these reviews are from people who have used the hydro floss for a long time.  They understand the benefits it delivers to their dental health. 

Randy must have had one of the very original hydro floss machines.  

If your dental health is important to you at all, you may want to learn more about the Hydro Floss now.


PS: pick up your free guides on   stopping gum disease  and defeating bad breath

Here are some other pages that might be interesting to you: 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Customer Thoughts On The Hydro Floss

I have the privilege to talk to many customers of mine about the Hydro Floss oral irrigator.   In fact, you can read many of the customer reviews here.

Yesterday was no exception.  A man called me and he is close to 60 years old.  His hygienist and dentist have confirmed that his gum health is excellent.   His periodontal pocket depths (the objective measure of gum health) are all within tolerance.  (3 Millimeters and below).

He told me that his dentist told him about the Hydro Floss years ago and he has been using it every since.   He knows that dental health maintenance is ongoing and all you have to do is keep it going.

He mentioned that many people just don't get it.  And he is correct!  I felt like I was talking to someone who spoke the same language.  What a pleasure to talk to someone who has come to similar opinions as the those that I hold, but on his own without my influence.

Another interesting thing he told me is that he went on a three month car trip around the US.  During that time, he did not use his Hydro Floss.   When he came back, he had many 4 and 5 millimeter pocket depths.

He started using his HydroFloss again and the next time he went in he was back to normal again!
He knows that he needs to use his Hydro Floss daily to keep his gums healthy.  He said that it is a simple thing to do.

Now, I can't tell you that the Hydro Floss is definitely going to work for you.  This is because every human body and every situation is different.  Some people will use it properly and some will not, etc.  There are many variables.

But, I can tell you that it has worked for a lot of people.  That would be an awful lot of people!   Yet, it seems to be one of the best kept 'secret's and what this gentleman has realized seems to be hidden (not intentionally) from the mainstream society.

Help me let others know.  Bookmark, post to social media and anywhere else you would like to a link to this page.  Let's start to help more people know about this powerful tool!

Read More Here .

David Snape

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