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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Coffee Breath Got You Down?

Most of us love that morning cup of Java!   And for good reason.  It seems to really get the gears turning.  

We love to make it to get that kick start before firing up the computer or commuting to the office.   The coffee shops all open their doors early to catch this morning crown and the ensuing profits every morning! 

The downside to all of this is coffee breath!  We can really annoy our coworkers - although they may have their own coffee breath as well.    Yet, it is no fun to get to that morning meeting just wreaking of coffee. 

When you are in the spotlight it can be noticeable and when you are NOT in the spotlight it can also be notable.   In either case, their is a good chance someone will notice the coffee stench.

What Can We Do? 

What should we do about this situation?   There are two measures to take. 

But first it is important to realize that the acid from the coffee itself will make bad breath producing bacteria multiply faster.  It's like a self perpetuating double whammy.  With more bacteria, they produce more odor and more acid.  

You can see that this can turn into a feedback loop that grows itself!  

Short Term Measure 

The first measure is short term.   Do not try to cover up those oders with short term solutions like mints and stuff like that.   They cover the smell - temporarily, but the feedback loop mentioned above is not eliminated. 

The acid also harms your teeth at the same time.  (see: why coffee is bad for your teeth).

Use this special gum, that is designed to attack the root cause of the bad breath rather than just cover a smell up.   It may also help to neutralize some of the acidity. 

Long Term Measure

If short term bad breath is your only problem, the gum might be enough for you.   But what if you have longer term bad breath?     Try one of these kits to see if it will help you.


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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Girl, The Boy And The Garlic - Video

I wrote this little story and it is loosely based on real events in my own life.    Her name was, well, I won't tell you. :)   A boy has to have some secrets after all...  

This story does serve to illustrate the problem of bad breath.  It affects both career and personal relationships.  And that should not be!  

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tonsil Stones - The Hidden Source of Bad Breath? - Video

Read the full text of what is presented in the video here.  

Video:  Tonsil Stones - The Hidden Source of Bad Breath:

Sometimes, bad breath does not come from the regular places, such as the folds of the tongue.

When this is the case, tongue scraping and mouthwash use are likely to have little impact on situation.  This is because, sometimes the source of bad breath is tonsil stones.  These can form and lodge in and on the palatine tonsils as well as other places in the throat.

Many times, they provide no symptoms.  But other times, they do. 

If you have been struggling with bad breath issues for a long time.  It could be that the real cause of the breath is tonsil stones.

You can read more about removal kit #1 and removal kit #2


Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

French Kiss Gum Coupon Video

Here is the link to the coupon for French Kiss Gum

Here is the video:  

Read about the coupon:

I hope you found that information to be helpful.  This is important stuff if you care about your impact on other people. 

Intelligent people realize that they don't always know when their breath smells.  We get use to our own breath.  It is possible to annoy others without even knowing that we are doing so! 

French Kiss Gum may be helpful in this case. 


David Snape
Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease.  

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bad Breath Is Such A Drag!

You Know That Bad Breath Is A Turn Off

The topic of bad breath comes up in every day conversation frequently.  People complain about 'that guy on the bus",  "that sales clerk", or "that customer".

It comes in so many forms too.  There is coffee breath, garlic breath, cigarette breath and just plain old horrible bad breath!   We have all experienced what it is like to deal with a person who has bad breath.

Even worse, is our own bad breath - when we are aware of it!   Nature has played a nice trick.  She allows us to get used to our own bad breath gradually, so that we are no longer aware of it.

The problem is that everyone else still is!  This problem affects people's lives.  It can cause trouble for our relationships and in our professional life.

When you are in an interview and completely unaware of your bad breath,  that could spell disaster.  Those hiring managers are looking for an excuse / reason to either hire you or overlook you.  They have a lot of people to go through.

Like a first date, an interview requires our best foot forward.   We need to provide that. 

Selling something?   Sales are tough enough as it is.  Does anyone want to complicate the  process with bad breath?   On the sellers side, it is not so pleasant to have a customer like that either, is it?

Chronic Bad Breath and Morning Breath

A lot of it has to do with the kind of bacteria that are growing in our mouths.   There are of course, other factors too.  For example, there are tonsil stones and geographical tongues (a fissured and grooved tongue) that makes it easy for smelly bacteria to make a home and shield themselves from oxygen.

A problem like that can become chronic, that just means the bacteria that produce these older have grown in colony size to an unmanageable level.  That would be a level where they are constantly producing enough odor to cause others to notice.   When this persists over long periods of time or keeps coming back, then it is chronic.  

Morning breath is a problem that couples complain about.   Sometimes to each other but many times to friends and relatives.   That doesn't put the owner of such breath in the best light.  It can also make that person the butt  of some jokes too!

Stopping The Problem

pH balanced, oxygenated products are the way to go.   You want to avoid products that strictly mask a problem without actually doing anything to stop those bacteria.    Mints and gum are only temporary, they don't last long and the problem is back again.

pH balance and oxygen can be more helpful and the effects can last longer.  This is because both affect the rate of growth of the bacteria population and even whether they stay alive or not.

pH balance slows the rate of growth.   Oxygen can either kill them or can cause the to change the way they process all that food in  your mouth.   In either case, it is a win for you!

And for everyone else, isn't it?  

Read More About Such Products


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