Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do You Have Gum Disease?

I am going to assume that if you are reading this you already know you have gum disease.   After all, why would someone bother to read this if they did not, right?

The sad reality is that MOST people have gum disease.  Dental health professionals tell us that about 75% of people have some right now.   That's 3 out of every 4.

Therefore, if you know you have gum disease, you are not alone.  It's just that most of the other people that have it don't know yet!   They probably won't find out until a tooth becomes loose or it is time for an expensive treatment or surgery.

In a way, you can be glad that you know you have it, because now you can start to do something about it.  Many other people aren't going to find out until things get bad, unfortunately.  That's just the way it seems to work.

One Possible Way To Solve This Problem

Anyone who says they have something that will work 100% of the time for 100% of the people is lying.  You can't trust someone like that.

But, I do know of something that has helped a lot of people.  The best part about it is that you can have your dentist verify your results.

How To Know When It Works

This is the fun part because it is more objective than subjective.   You just need to know your periodontal pocket depths.   This is a measurement that your dentist or hygienist will take around each tooth.

Generally speaking, most dental professionals will say your gums are healthy at 3mm and below and unhealthy at above that mark.   Therefore, you will know your gums are back to a more healthy state when you get all of those readings to 3mm and below.

How To Give This A Shot

The device that I have personally experience with, and thousands of my customers do as well, is the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator.      It works rather well for a LOT of people.  You can read about it, and customer reviews as well, at that link.

You simply use your Hydro Floss twice per day with 2 reservoirs per use for a minimum of 1 month.  Then go back to your dentist and find out what your measurements are.   If those readings are headed in the right direction, then you know you are onto something.  Your dentist can verify your results in this objective way for you!

Of course, you may have additional questions about this simple plan.   If you do, just go ahead and give us a call at 1-888-586-6849.   There is no obligation and your questions about this can be answered.

If you have gum disease, take action.  The reason why is that it probably won't get better unless you do something about it.   Gum disease often leads to tooth loss.  It is the number one cause, in fact.

Read more about the Hydro Floss   or call 1-888-586-6849


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  1. don't feel surprised or irritated if you have this problem, "most" people do... It's just that "most" people don't know it yet, nor do they believe it...