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What You Should Know About Gum Disease Part 16

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Interesting Perspectives From My Customers

I had an interesting conversation with one of my customers who purchased a Hydro Floss today.

We talked about the work of Weston Price and potential problems with some popular health food items today.  We also talked about radioactivity in Europe and now on the West Coast of the US.

It is quite amazing how many of us easily forget about the radioactive disasters of yesterday that can be affecting our food supply and ourselves today.

Anyway, I digress.  We are here to talk about gum disease.  But, I truly enjoy the different perspectives I hear from my customers about all things health.  Regardless of whether I agree or not, it is almost always interesting hear various viewpoints from everyone.

At any rate, one thing we can be relative certain of is that about 75% of the population exhibits some form of gum disease right now.  Ask any dentist, hygienist, periodontist, or oral surgeon, they all know the problem is widespread.   That is why I believe every family needs the information contained within this book, whether they realize it or not.

A few weeks ago,  an anesthesiologist who also bought this device from me and works for a busy hospital told me that he was sure that gum disease had an awful lot to do with the cardiac disease they were constantly treating.  Many researchers have long suspected links between gum disease and many other diseases.

When you think about this, it isn't really all that new.   As you can see in history, one always checked the condition of a horse or other work animal before purchasing it.   Theyintuitively knew that a diseased mouth reflected the state of the rest of the body.   They would not buy work animals with bad teeth.    Isn't that fascinating?

Gum disease is a big problem.   Many times you can do something about it.   However,  if regular brushing and flossing were 'always enough', would we see the high incidence of gum disease that we do?  I will leave the answer for you to think about.    Perhaps you will draw the same conclusion  I have.

Knowledge is Power

If knowledge is power, not having enough would be ignorance then, wouldn't it?  Sometimes the technical language and professional language are a big barrier to understanding.
The subtitle to What You Should Know About Gum Disease is "A Layman's Guide To Fighting Gum Disease."

It is so for a reason.   I have put things in an easy to understand format and repeat the key points over and over again from different angles.   It is to drive home what this disease is and what you have to achieve to overcome it.   While the amount of effort varies from person to person, because every body is different, it is hard to get anywhere if you don't have the right information.

One key point is that the fight against gum disease,  regardless of whether you want to stop it or prevent it in the first place is a daily struggle.   No one is going to work on your teeth everyday, except you.  It isn't practical or possible to get a dental cleaning every day.  Yet, the plaque must be disrupted every day.

Perhaps brushing and regular flossing really are good enough for some people,  but what about the majority of people?   Again, you can draw your own conclusion.

Perhaps the book: What You Should Know About Gum Disease is one that belongs on your family's health book shelf?

Use the comment section below if you would like to add to the discussion. 

David Snape

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* I speak in general terms only, for specific questions about your unique dental health situation, be sure to ask your periodontist or dentist for those answers.  They can also provide you with advice, diagnosis and treatment, while no website can. 


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